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Great things to see and do in beautiful Tuscany, Italy

Great things to see and do in beautiful Tuscany, Italy

Travel back in time in Tuscany where all romantic notions of Italy portrayed in movies can be found. It truly is as pictured, one will be forgiven for pinching themselves when marvelling at the rolling green hills and medieval towns, so well-preserved it will feel like you are in a storybook where the characters come alive. Home to the finest collection of art in the world, Tuscany is the destination for art, culture and history buffs. Some returning for many years following. Every corner you turn is filled with history, the region has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than South Africa, Argentina or Australia!

Galleria degli Uffizi

When in Florence, it will be remiss to skip the Uffizi, the premier destination showcasing Italian Renaissance collections including Botticelli’s Birth of Venus.

Grande Museo del Duomo

One magnanimous gothic facade visible from almost every angle in Florence, it is a defining element in the city’s history and entity.

Palazzo Pitti

Designed by Filippo Brunelleschi, commissioned by Luca Pitti in 1457 and later bought by the Medici family, nowadays an opulent showcase of magnificent historical artwork.

Concerts and Opera

There is no better place to experience the drama and glamour of an operatic or musical performance than in Italy. Just to mention a few to attend – the Puccini e la sua Lucca International Permanent Festival, the Opera at St Mark’s Anglican Church, the Medici Dynasty Show, the Luminara di S.Ranieri, Opera di Firenze and the Festival Puccianiano.

Chianti Wine Region

The famous Chianti situated between Florence and Siena, synonymous for it’s gentle green hills and olive groves, is the perfect introduction to Tuscany. Throughout all seasons of the year there are festivals and events celebrating the food and wine in the region, perfect to cap off your visit and intermingle with the locals.

Val D’Orcia

In Val D’Orcia, you will find low rolling hills, a lone church perched atop one, lines of cypress trees and fields of corns, this is Tuscany as romanticised in the films.


A timeless region rich in culture and landscapes, its terrain is varied from beaches to black rock to marshes and flat land, natural thermal baths and the ever present green hills.

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