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Important Information : The road map to Morocco

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Important Information : The road map to Morocco

A yoga retreat in magical Morocco welcomes you during all seasons. A warm climate accompanied by a warm reception. Beautiful call to prayers to start up your day and plenty of realities to explore, not too distant from each other. Morocco’s mysteries and teachings will smoothly unfold in front of your very own eyes when you least expect it. The curious yogi will be fascinated by a gorgeous fusion of Berber and Arabic culture.

Morocco is a costal country, with a long line of varied shores down the west side. Known as the gateway to Africa, this gorgeous country is diverse in not only landscape, but also history, culture, and people.

Some traditional nomadic or Berber tribes scatter the country, with Arab being the major influence. It is typical to also see splashes of Europe in the populated cities, as Morocco was a colony of France.

High on the bucket-list of many travellers, the country is easy enough to navigate. Patience is required when traveling across this gorgeous nation, as there is much to see and explore. You want to give Morocco an adequate amount of your time in order to grasp optimal enjoyment.

Well-known for the ancient medinas and intricately designed markets that were constructed in each capital city, there exists a wondrous maze of traders. Most own generational shops that have been passed on from fathers and grandfathers.

After soaking up the plentiful surf-friendly coasts, a trek-lover might want to venture inland towards the Atlas Mountains or brave the extremities of the Sahara Desert.



Moroccan Arabic and French

Moroccan Dirhams

Important dates in Morocco

  • Ramadan month
  • July 30 – Feast of the Throne
  • September 21 – Islamic New Year
  • November 18 – Independence Day

Interesting facts


“Traveling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” famously stated by Ibn Battuta, the medieval Moroccan scholar, who was the first ever travel-writer in the world.
  • The liver, not the heart is considered to be the symbol of love in Morocco.
  • The most commonly eaten dish is tagine, named after the stone dish it is cooked within.

Good to know

90 day Visitor Access (no visa required) for the following: Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, UK, USA.

Citizens of nations not listed above require a visa. Please check with your relevant embassy for up-to-date info.

Culture and Etiquette in Morocco

A nation unique to the rest of Africa, its identity, lifestyle and culture is a mixture of all the visitors from years gone by. From the nomadic desert wanderers, to the traditional Berbers, Arabic influence, Portuguese architecture, and French culture, Morocco encompasses a breath of all nations.

It is rare to come across a Moroccan that does not speak three languages or more, nearly fluently. They are the true polyglots. If you speak French, Spanish or Arabic, you will most likely find someone to communicate with, helping to navigate you through.

Morocco is considered a conservative nation, however it is still quite progressive. You may notice certain cities are more traditional than others and paying attention to cultural norms in a must; be more aware of your dress in smaller cities, as this will be most appreciated by residents.

Residents may appear curious at first but most are accustomed to visitors and generally very welcoming.

 Casablanca being the largest city in the country is a melting pot full of diversity and varying tradition, therefore it is the most easy-to-maneuver cosmopolitan city in the nation.

Morocco is an exquisite visual feast for many foreigners. In the modern world, we tend to take photos to document anything and everything. Be respectful and try to refrain from doing so as it is considered impolite to take photos of residents going about their daily business.

Traditional Moroccans are private; some are even superstitious about photos being taken by strangers. However, should you ask politely prior to taking a photo of someone, there is a good chance it will be met with delight and enthusiasm, as it gives them a clear choice. So the key here, is to use your good judgement and beautiful communication skills.

Undoubtedly, Morocco will show you many wonders, leaving you with colorful photos that represent the incredible diversity in a collage of cultures.

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