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Journey through snow-capped mounts and wine-sipping countrysides in France

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Journey through snow-capped mounts and wine-sipping countrysides in France

When you think France, what synonymously comes to mind? Paris. We know, Paris is a lovely city, full of lights and love. All the same, we truly believe a traveler would be missing out if she does not venture out to discover more than what the ‘city of love’ has to offer. Sure, spend your first couple of days in Paris; enjoy the art and action.

After that, take the train, a bus, or fly to your next destination, as there is much to see. Driving will enable you to meander around the French countrysides, sip wine, enjoy the sweet aroma of bustling lavender flower. If you have some time, this might be an optimal method of travel, as you can create your itinerary, subject to change at any time.

While touring the wine country, you might too enjoy long hikes and picturesque architectural structures erected centuries ago. If you enjoy sun-soaked beaches and mediterranean vibes, France offers two sides of sea.


A quick 40 minute train ride from Paris, bubbly yumminess was birthed in this region. Although the rest of the world imitates with ‘sparkling wine’, this is truly the only region that creates the carbon-infused drink deemed ‘Champagne’. Since the 17th century, Champagne houses have been home growing their grapes to make some of the most delicious table wine on earth.

Interestingly enough, because of earthquakes occurring in the region 10 million years ago, the shift in marine sediment left behind now creates a light, finessed flavor, unable to be mimicked anywhere else in the world. Along with wine history, there is also an interesting military history within this region. You can enjoy interesting war stories, while sipping.


This region is worth having to bundle up for. Sitting near the border of both Switzerland and Italy, Chamonix is known for its sky resorts on the prettiest mountain tops in the country. Chamonix can satisfy the sports-oriented yogi who enjoys skiing and snowboarding. If you have never tried, but crave new adventures, this is a perfect spot to explore. If you are a skilled hiker, you might opt to visit in the summer, when conditions are more mild, so you can take a couple of days in nature.

Explore places to stay and what to do once you are there.


A unique paradise in France, Nice sits on a pebbly shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Historically, Greek inhabitants have lived and built in the region, leaving remnants of a mediterranean spirit. If you are interested in ancient times, Nice has museums and galleries devoted to its rich ancestry.

The architecture is grand sweeping, as it climbs over rocky hills, exposing its colorful, artistic french nature. The coastal region, when in full bloom, sees vibrant botanicals growing on vines overlooking the sea, giving a tropical feel to travelers. Bordering Italy, it might be tempting to make the drive, but we recommend just enjoying the nice views in France!

To discover more about Nice

Pont du Gard

Built on 40 centuries of history, this Roman structure is one of the longest standing in France. This was a monument built throughout the 1st century AD. It was immensely important to the people of Nîmes, formerly known as Nemausus, as their only source of fresh water. The aqueduct system enabled them to retrieve water from the Gordon River. This water supplied public bathhouses and private households alike, cherished for its pivotal role in survival, ritual, ceremony, and tradition.

Planning your trip to Pont du Gard?


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