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Just Breathe.

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Just Breathe.

In the yogic tradition, it is believed that there is a definite number of breaths for every person. Just as there is a definite number of eggs for every woman. Once they run out…a woman can no longer have babies, once your run out of your designated number of breaths….you are programmed to naturally die.

So if we go along with the yogic tradition, I should live longer if my breath is long.

Notice how you breathe when you are stressed: the breath is short, the heart beats faster, your body is tense. When you are calm, your breath is long, your heart beats slowly, and your body is relaxed.

If stress affects the quality of my breath, does my breath affect my level of stress ?

We hear a lot about meditation as a means of reducing stress. Well, that is absolutely true. But what is meditation ? it is a state where the mind is still, it does not go in the past : the I should have, I could have…nor in the future : the I have to achieve, I need to conquer…it is simply in the now where there is no need to worry. The objective of meditation is exactly that. To put you in the now, to leave the mind aside free from the pressure of becoming what you think you are not. A meditative state can be achieved through many technics, one of them is to focus on… the breath. Afterall it is already there with you. All the time. You breathe approximately 15000 times a day. 15000 occasions to be in the now. By simply putting your attention on your breath, your breath automatically becomes longer, your heart calms down and your body releases itself. You are also programed to experience that. Everyone of us.

Try this tomorrow morning when you are ready to leave the house for work. Close the door, stop and close your eyes, to prevent your mind from judging what you see. Take 3 long and deep breaths. You will set the mood for your day, and bring more joy to the minutes or hours ahead of you. When you realise how easy and accessible that is, please do it again!

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