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Koh Samui: Enjoy secluded waterfalls or the market’s main hustle

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Koh Samui: Enjoy secluded waterfalls or the market’s main hustle

Koh Samui is unique to Thailand as it is a self-governed island, existing in independence from Surat Thani Province since 2012. Although geographically, it is still considered a piece of the Province, it has its own cultural breath, making for a melting pot of travelers; whether you are touring on a slim budget or have money to spend, Koh Samui has space for you. As most all of Thailand, it is absolutely gorgeous.

Its turquoise beaches are endless; most have their own significant personality, from places to party, to chill spots where a family can enjoy time with small children. Of course, the coast is the most popular attraction, but do not miss out on other enriching, cultural experiences while visiting the second largest island in Thailand.

Mu Ko Ang Thong National Marine Park

If you enjoy venturing into the wild, this is a place you need to explore! Sitting on the Gulf of Thailand, this park covers 100 square kilometers across land and sea. Unique wildlife, possibly never-before-seen to you is easy to spot; keep your eyes open for birds flying overhead, creatures on the ground, and marine life swimming next to you in the sea.

It is a pristine, clean park with secluded coves, waterfalls, limestone mountains, and thick jungles that grow into white-sand coasts. It is a breathtaking experience you will not want to miss. If you find yourself uncertain about adventuring out alone, as a solo traveler, call ahead or email and book a guide to help you squeeze the most out of this brilliant, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

To explore the details and make plans.

Big Buddha Temple

As he sits majestically on the beach, locals and travelers alike crane their necks to gaze upward, marveling at his massive features, in awe of the artistic details and vibrant golden colors. Built in 1972, The Big Buddha Temple remains one of the most visited sights in Thailand. Encompassing the Buddhist population in the nation, it is a symbol of steadfastness, purity and enlightenment.

This statue depicts a time during Buddha’s journey to enlightenment when he was warding off temptation and ill will; simply, it conveys to onlookers, of any culture, ethnicity, or religion a message of calm and peace. Most times, if traveling by plane, this is the first image you will take in from the air; once on the ground, it is certainly worth a journey to the northeastern corner of the isle to take in its full ambiance.

Na Muang Waterfall

For the natural traveler, who lives for the sound of rushing water, the sight of stacked rocks, and the trekking over exposed roots, this is a destination for you. A true sentiment to Koh Samui’s depth of environmental diversity, the twin waterfalls will make you briefly forget about the beach, as you fall into the loveliness of nature. Named for its massive purple rocks that run along the entirety, giving a rich violet color to the water continually cascading over each one.

Bophut’s Fisherman’s Village

In a historical, rustically-designed part of Koh Samui, tourists can get their kicks shopping around at boutiques, finding trendy clothing, and scouring for souvenirs for friends back home. Lining the narrow beach are trendy, chic restaurants and high end hotels, that might fit your way of travel best. Each person has their individual desires, and that is beautiful to us!

Even for the traveler on a budget, this is a great spot to have a nice, beachside dinner–a true homage of being in majestic Thailand. The restaurants provide a great selection of fresh seafood and authentic Thai dishes. Koh Samui is such a melting pot, that you can also find restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, certain to satisfy your cravings.

Explore the weekly walking street market that vibrates Bophut every Friday.

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