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Life Testimonial: Why a Yoga Retreat Is the Best Gift You Can Offer Yourself

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Life Testimonial: Why a Yoga Retreat Is the Best Gift You Can Offer Yourself

This testimonial has been beautifully written by one of our newest members of the Booking Yoga team; Coelia Pelletier (www.fitinaplane.com). Coelia is an inspiration to anyone who is ambitious, motivated, strong- minded and willing to take a chance to break the monotony of life and find pure happiness in themselves. For Coelia, this break all started when she visited her first yoga retreat and here is her amazing story…enjoy the read!

The Beauty of a Yoga Retreat

Work, eat, having fancy dinners at the restaurant, all of this is staying in our comfort zone. Of course this is easy, and most of us are pretty happy with this routine. However, have you ever felt this tiny and quiet itch inside your chest? This strange feeling of being in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing? It might be the sign, that you are ready for change.
I’m not necessary talking about a drastic change in your life, but a push, to move forward and spice your life a bit.

I will talk about my personal experience because I don’t want to teach you anything. I might guide some of you towards some new decisions, and I will be happy if I do so. Along this journey, I have been inspired by many amazing people, and I don’t regret a second the change that I have operated in my life.

I used to be an airhostess for a very famous company in the Middle East, for four long years. Very satisfied of this unusual routine, flying, discovering new countries, meeting new colleagues every day, enjoying my days off at the beach, shopping…. But somehow something was missing. I did not know anything about yoga, and I was honestly associating it with a practice for elderly people suffering from old injuries. I practiced rhythmic gymnastics for more than 15 years, with a high intensity, and had to stop because I was getting to “old” for this sport. It was truly ma passion, and finding something to “replace” it was impossible mission for me.

I found this studio in Dubai, completely randomly and started to assist more often to the yoga classes given there. Starting with some very dynamic and strong practices, I could find a rhythm and a certain discipline in my life.

Only focusing on the physical aspect of it, I could already observe some changes, in my general posture, my patience, my flexibility was back, I felt stronger…

After months of practice, I came to the conclusion that I could not live without practicing everyday.

I had few days offs in a row, and decided last November to go for a yoga retreat in Koh Samui in Thailand. I needed few days to disconnect from the tremendous pressure of the airline I was working for.

4 days of pure bliss and simplicity, meeting new people, new visions of the world. I could completely resonate with what was going on there. This was my click, at this precise moment. I remember being on my mat and telling myself “ this is what I want to do with my life”.

Since this moment, I organized my plan to be able to attend the next yoga teacher training happening there last April. Saved some money, dealing with moving out 4 years of my life back to France, and prepare myself for a new plan.

I was meant to go there for 4 weeks of intensive training, pass my certification, come back to France, get a job as a teacher, buy an apartment, and settle with my boyfriend…. None of this happened!

I stayed there for 5 months, and since then my life has become a real adventure. I’m still in between two flights, but this time carrying a bag pack all around the world not an official suitcase anymore.
I don’t like saying I am a teacher, yes I have few certificates now, however I like to say that I’m more sharing what I’ve learnt from my amazing teachers, and spread it as much as I can.

I have had the opportunity to go to many places to distribute this little of knowledge that I have gained over the past months, such as South Africa, Morocco…

Being able to feel free, having the opportunity of meeting such amazing people along the way is priceless, and I would not change the choices that I have made for a penny.

Yes of course, sometimes it is hard, and I feel alone, tired, and broke, and it’s easy to think of how my superficial and organized life was easy. I have lost a lot of people because of this journey, but at the end of the day, choosing to be my true self is the best decision that I have made.

I am grateful everyday for all the opportunities arising along this adventure. Because this is what is it now, a real adventure. It was probably the most brutal change of my life, but being alone, aligned with myself, being curious, opening my mind to any possibility in the world, Life testimonial: Why a yoga retreat is the best gift you can offer yourselfmight have been the best thing too!

You don’t have to take anything of what I am saying so seriously. Get rid of it if it doesn’t mean anything to you. However, if you feel that it might resonate a bit, then embrace it. Be inspired. Become your best friend, listen to yourself first. Be nice and kind to yourself, live simply and fully.

Observe the beauty of this world, without analyzing too much what’s going on with your thoughts, and it will be the most beautiful gift that you can ever received.

If you are looking to give yourself or someone you love the perfect gift, why not consider a yoga retreat. Yoga and wellbeing retreats are a great investment for your physical and emotional wellbeing. More than a material possession; this gift promises to bring you opportunity for self discovery, relaxation, rejuvenation and a general improvement to your health and wellbeing.

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