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Yoga in Argentina

The towering Andes, vast pampas plains, uber cool cities and one of the most developed and stable countries in Latin America make Argentina amongst the hottest destinations in the world. Outdoor lovers, city slickers, and foodies will all find something here and the active yoga and wellness scene bind it all together.

Your Yoga Guide for Argentina

Tango and football are a testament to how intricate and highly skillful art forms have flourished here, and yoga in Argentina can now take its place alongside them.

From the subtropical North of the country to the snow-capped glacial peaks of the South and the plains and forests in between, Argentina is a wonderland of natural scenery and wildlife.

Argentina has a distinctly European vibe with some of its inhabitants identifying more with their Spanish, Italian or German roots than their South American brethren. From the stylish boutiques and cafes of Buenos Aires to the colonial architecture of Rosario, blonde hair and a heady mix of accents will transport you back across the Atlantic. This melting pot of cultures makes taking a yoga holiday in Argentina such a rewarding experience.

Including regular yoga practice in an active lifestyle brings many physical and psychological rewards. And in a country with so many outdoor activities to offer, there is plenty potential to combine activities such as hiking, kayaking, or horse riding with yoga retreats in Argentina. Of course, if you’re looking for more gentle pursuits outside the shala, wine tasting or wildlife spotting are equally accessible.

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That is why you should do Yoga in Argentina?

  • Beautiful scenery and wildlife
  • Vibrant yoga scene
  • Diverse culture
  • Renowned wine and cuisine

Yoga Retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings in Argentina

Unsurprisingly, Buenos Aires is the epicenter of the yoga scene in Argentina, but the best yoga retreats aren’t all found in the capital:

Ecocamp Patagonia offers a yoga vacation that really showcases the best of Argentina. Overlooking the Patagonian pampas their yoga domes are an inspiring setting to deepen your practice.

For an authentic Argentinian outdoor adventure, the women only horse riding, hiking, and yoga retreat that Big Sky Yoga Retreats offers should be on your radar.

Spread over three floors and certainly, in the upmarket category, Valle Tierra is one of the premier studios in Buenos Aires. In addition to HathaAshtanga, and Kundalini, they also run yoga teacher training for budding yoga instructors visiting or living in Argentina.

What Yogis should know about Argentina

One of the areas that Argentina’s European heritage can be experienced most vividly is through its thriving wine industry. The French variety Malbec is the most common (but by no means only) wine produced in the country and for yogis with a passion for stimulating their palette, wine tours and tastings abound.