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Rio de Janeiro

The largest South American country, and the fifth largest in the world, Brazil has a lot to offer. There is more to it than its beautiful beaches, but understandably so, this is what it is most recognized for. It will never disappoint an adventurous traveler, with its endless exploring opportunities. Here, the magnificent Amazon Jungle weaves through 5.5 million square kilometers, inhabiting more than half of the country. If you dare to enter, bring bug repellant!

Also, the world’s largest wetland, Pantanal, and the extensive span of coast, the Rio Grande do Sul are worth a visit. ‘Don’t go chasing waterfalls’, as TLC used to sing does NOT apply when in Brazil! You need to chase all of the waterfalls. The thunderous Iguazu hangs over a breathtaking cliff-face, that might make you weak in the knees. It will leave you truly awed by the power of mother nature.

Other parts of Brazil are filled with vibrant urban landscapes, lively streets, and lots of flavor. But this is only but a slice of what this wonder-filled, colorful country has to offer. If you get a chance to visit during Carnaval, it is a once-in-a-lifetime endeavor. Experience Brazil and share your fantastic stories with us!

Important dates when visiting Brazil

January 1 – New Years Day

February 9-14 – Carnaval (starts the Friday before Ash Wednesday and ends midday on Ash Wednesday)

February 14 – Ash Wednesday

March 30 – Good Friday (Friday before Easter Sunday)

April 1- Easter (changes each year)

April 21 – Tiradentes Day

May 1 – Labor Day

June 15 – Corpus Christi

July 9 – State Rebellion Day

September 7 – Independence Day

October 12 – Lady of Aparecida

October 27 – Civil Servants Day

November 1 – All Saints Day

November 2 – All Souls Day

November 15 – Republic Day

November 20 – Zumbi dos Palmares

December 25 – Christmas Day


To reference holidays, as some do change date with each year (Carnival, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Easter), click here.


South America


Brazilian Real

Interesting facts

  • Brazil has the largest population of Japanese people outside of Japan.


  • At least 180 languages are spoken in Brazil.


  • Brazil has not been involved in a war since 1870.

Good to know

A tourist visa is required to visit Brazil and permits a visit of up to 90 days.

 The fee will vary dependent on nationality, so please ensure to check your local consulate for accurate details. 

You can gather more details by clicking here.

The Bustling Culture in Brazil

The first inhabitants date back to 10,000 BC.

 Accidentally discovered in 1500 by the Portuguese, Brazil was ruled by their reign for more than 300 years.

 Sugar plantations began to pop up around the country, and the sugar industry saw a huge boom, making the country Europe’s main supplier of sugar.

With many changes in the trade before the 1600s, industry, cotton, cacao and rice were introduced as new crops around 1760. After Napoleon invaded Portugal, he fled with his men to Brazil and thus made Rio de Janeiro the capital of the Portuguese Empire. Trade was encouraged and opened to neighboring countries and as a result, artists and craftsmen travelled to Brazil. The King finally returned to Portugal in 1820. Brazil finally gained its independence in 1825.


Now the country is bustling with culture, with 205 million people breathing diversity into every city. Brazilians are very accepting and generally, very excitable people. They have the reputation of being some of the most hospitable people in the world. This is a place where bright colors are encouraged, so if this is your style, go ahead and release your inner rainbow! Locals are known for their beach culture, skimpy bikinis for women and trunks or bikini bottoms for men are not uncommon, however, going naked or topless is unacceptable.

When visiting religious sites, practice modesty and ensure your legs and shoulders are covered. Remember, conservative is not frumpy. Most citizens take an immense pride in their most-practiced religion, as Catholicism is observed here per capita, more than anywhere else on earth. Three-quarters of Brazilian natives identify as Catholic. Take time to ‘dress-up’ when visiting a cathedral, as this is respectful.

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