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Hong Kong

Yoga in Hong Kong

Caught between western modernity and Chinese tradition Hong Kong is an attractive, restless city. If one place needs yoga it is Hong Kong and so the inhabitants see their yoga studios as a second home.

Your Yoga Guide for Hong Kong

Yoga in Hong Kong is a must if you don’t want to lose yourself in the restless city with its impressive skyscrapers, small street markets, financial center and vibrant nightlife. With over seven million inhabitants Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

To reconnect with yourself and find calmness and inner peace yoga is a fabulous tool and for that reason the amount of super modern yoga studios in Hong Kong is endless. Since the opening of the first yoga studio in Hong Kong, the city experienced an incredible yoga boom.

Yoga Classes in Hong Kong

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Drop In Kunadalini Yoga Class at Red Doors Yoga Hong Kong

Red Doors Studio, Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong


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Introductory Offer at Samantha Yoga Hong Kong

Hong Kong, No. 12 Hill, Kimberley Road, Samantha Yoga


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One Month Unlimited Classes at Samantha Yoga Hong Kong

Hong Kong, No. 12 Hill, Kimberley Road, Samantha Yoga


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Check out these Yoga Studios in Hong Kong

Many inhabitants in Hong Kong see their yoga studio as their second home. Especially the bigger yoga studios in Hong Kong which offer everything you could need: showers, chill out areas, computers with internet access and snacks. They teach all yoga styles from early in the morning until late at night at most studios. Pure Yoga, for example, offers more than 1000 yoga classes per week in their six studios. If you prefer to save some money there are also smaller yoga shalas where the teacher can focus more on each student. Most of the classes are being taught in English with Hot YogaYin Yoga and Flow Yoga as the most popular yoga styles. Most of the following studios offer free trial classes.

The yoga room: Individual yoga room offers smaller classes so that the teachers can instruct the students more personally and adjust them individually to their practice level. The studio has big windows so natural light can flood in.

Pure Yoga: Pure Yoga is a yoga studio chain with studios in Singapore, Taipeh and the United States. They offer classes of all styles and levels. At the location at Tsim Sha Tsui, you’ll have the best view over Hong Kong.

Epic Yoga: If you are looking for anti-gravity yoga then Epic Yoga is your space. The classes are designed to improve your balance, strength, and flexibility.

mYoga: mYoga lies in the heart of Mongkok, one of the busiest parts of Hong Kong. mYoga offers a lot of classes such as Hot Detox, Iyengar Yoga, Gentle Yoga, PilatesTai Chimeditation and many more.

Gecko Yoga: Gecko Yoga dedicates yoga to children. They offer prenatal and post-natal yoga classes but also yoga classes for kids.

Why do Yoga in Hong Kong?

  • Picturesque trails to explore forests, beaches and enjoy panoramic views of the city
  • Huge yoga community and very modern studios
  • Perfect place to go shopping