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Yoga in Bogota

A city that is finally casting off the shackles of an unwanted reputation, Bogota is finally emerging as a vibrant and enchanting destination. An explosion of street art, hilltop views and a fast emerging yoga and wellness scene make it a city that should not be overlooked on a visit to Colombia.

Your Yoga Guide for Bogota

At 2,644 meters above sea level, Bogota takes its place among South America’s most lofty cities and yoga in Bogota is currently being elevated to match its surroundings.

With new yoga studios in Bogota emerging all the time and well-established outfits strengthening, yogis would be well-advised to include the city on a trip to Colombia. The whole gamut of yoga styles is available with some studios focusing on one discipline, such as Vinyasa or Bikram, while others offer a wide range of classes. One style that has been gaining traction – perhaps as a result of a growing celebrity following in the US – is Jivamukti which combines the physical, spiritual and value-based aspects of traditional yoga practice.

Yoga Retreats in Bogota

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Why you should do Yoga in Bogota?

  • Rapidly emerging yoga scene
  • Weekly cycling and yoga events
  • Thriving street art community

Check out these Yoga Studios in Bogota

Venturing out of the yoga studio in Bogota brings many rewards, particularly if you are looking for active distractions. Every Sunday, 76 miles of roads in the city center are cleared of cars for cyclists, rollerbladers, walkers, pushchairs and anyone else who wants to reclaim, what are usually traffic-clogged streets. Ciclovia has been running since 1974 and sees up to 2 million residents and visitors hit the tarmac on wheels or foot. Their sister initiative, Recrovia, attracts people to the city’s parks where free yoga classes are run for anyone who wants to take part.

The best way to get an insight into the city’s turbulent past and bright future is to absorb the street art which adorns many of the walls in the city, particularly the neighborhood of La Candelaria. An authentic conduit of the city’s identity, the vivid works include everything from abstract pieces to political commentary. The neighborhood also includes the popular Yoga Bakata studio, which runs classes in English, for those not confident in the local lingo.

Yoga styles and classes in Bogota

There are various yoga classes to choose from in Bogota, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding a studio to suit your needs.

Happy Yoga has two studios in the city, offering daily classes, including Kundalini, Hatha, and Vinyasa. They are also ideal for international visitors as they have 4 classes for a week package.

If you’re looking for Bikram, Evolution offers classes at both 40 and 32 degrees Celsius(104 and 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

Much more than just a yoga studio, Yoga Viva offer meditation, retreats, therapy and outdoor yoga sessions. They also run raw, vegan food preparation workshops, for yogis looking for a dietary addition to their practice on the mat.

What Yogis should know about Bogota

Colombia’s reputation as one of the world’s best coffee producers is well deserved. But many Colombians bemoan the fact that some of its best beans circumvent the domestic consumer in place of more lucrative export markets.

Azahar Coffee was set up to address this issue and now have two cafes in Bogota that serve up some of the best brews in the city. Their mission goes beyond satisfying taste buds, however. Buyers at Azahar coffee pay producers a higher, stable price for their beans which they believe reflects the value of their harvest. So, what better way to relax after a yoga class than with a great cup of coffee and a clear conscience.