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Playa Coyote

Playa Coyote looks like a scene straight from a honeymoon brochure. Its remote beaches are feature pearly white sand, luscious green jungles, and, perhaps most notably, peace and quiet. This is one of the most beautiful and most private beaches that spot the west coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. Approximately 30 minutes south of Punta Islita, you’ll love the dense jungle you pass through to reach this beautiful beachy resort.

Playa Coyote is great for relaxing in the sun on warm, spotless sandy beaches or taking tranquil swims through the calm, crystal crystal clear blue water. Nature loves will adore the abundance of wildlife too; this spot features a huge variety of mammal, bird, and plant species for even the most avid ornithologist will find something to love here.

Playa Coyote

Costa Rica


Costa Rican Colón

Important dates in Costa Rica

  • January 1st: New Year’s Day
  • March/April: Easter Week
  • April 11: Juan Santamaria Day
  • May 1st: Labor Day
  • July 25: Annexation of Guanacaste Day
  • Aug 2: Patron Saint Day
  • Aug. 15: Mother’s Day
  • Sept. 15: Independence Day
  • Oct 12 (entire weekend): Limon Carnaval
  • Nov. 2: Dia de los Inocentes
  • Dec. 24: Christmas Eve
  • Dec. 25: Christmas Day

Interesting facts

  • The Nicosian Peninsula is famous for its environmental protection. Just a short drive down the peninsula you will find Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, the first Costa Rican nature preserve, and an excellent place for a day trip.
  • Though the water is very calm on the immediate coast of Playa Coyote, just up the beach you can find a great surf spot at Punta Coyote which is definitely worth a visit.

Good to know

When traveling with a passport, citizens of the United States, Canada, and most Latin American and European countries are allowed to stay in Costa Rica for 90 days.

Tourist visa accessibility depends on your nationality, purpose of visit, country of residence and duration of stay. Visa requirements are based on international agreements or treaties. However,  the visa does not guarantee entry to Costa Rica and, as in the United States, this depends on the immigration officer upon arrival. Visa application form here: form

Don’t get caught unprepared as you very well might have to pay an exit visa fee when leaving Costa Rica. While most airlines have incorporated this cost into their ticket, some do not, so be sure to budget this amount into your itinerary. Don’t expect to see many beggars within the country, as Costa Ricans get paid at a higher rate than most Central American countries.

Culture and Etiquette in Costa Rica

The influence of the culture for this region comes from the Caribbean, North and South America. The locals, who are endearingly called Ticos, are very proud of their heritage and enjoy conversing with foreigners about family, politics, education, peace and their homeland. Speaking of interaction between locals, when asked how you are doing, it’s common to state pura vida, which translates to full of life, in this particular instance. This word, used in many contexts, is as fluid as water. Ticos use it to answer ‘how are you?’, to reply to a ‘thanks’, and just to express joy.

You won’t have a hard time making friends with the Ticos, as they are friendly humans who take pride in their piece of paradise. When it comes to punctuality, you can expect lateness, as it is just a slice of the culture. In order to conserve the beautiful nature of ‘chill’ that exists in Costa Rica, the lack of awareness and recognition of time’s importance needs to be peacefully accepted. When traveling by bus, just make sure you are planning for a possible 2-hour delay.

If you plan to venture through the rainforests it’s best to bring bug spray, long pants and a hat. Creepy crawly bugs are not strangers to this area. For those who enjoy soaking up the rays in the beach zone, relaxed attire is very much welcome here.

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Playa Coyote is the perfect place for travel if you’re seeking rest and relaxation. Though this remote beach might not have the same level of late-night excitement as nearby cities like San José, it more than makes up for it with its bustling wildlife, its spotless white sands, and its crystalline waters. A trip to Playa Coyote gives you many options to unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We’ve gathered together some of the most loved activities at Playa Coyote which are sure to leave you longing for your next vacation there.

See a Turtle at The Caletas-Ario Wildlife Refuge

Caletas-Ario has been designated one of the most important habitats for four different species of turtle, including the endangered Leatherback turtle of Costa Rica which can grow to the size of a small car! During nesting season (usually July through October) you can spot these turtles repeatedly coming and leaving the beach to leave their eggs, or maybe even get lucky enough to see the eggs spawn and watch hundreds of baby turtles make their way towards the water! We advise taking a guide with you to this wildlife refuge, however, because there are some reports of danger to tourists travelling by themselves.

Discover Beautiful Mangroves from a Kayak

Close to Playa Coyote is a beautiful mangrove forest that is accessible by kayak. You can enjoy a wonderful guided kayak tour through this forest, where the guides will highlight the different bird and tree species you encounter.

Swim in Beautiful Tidal Pools

Close to Playa Coyote are a series of lava-formed tidal pools which host an amazing ecosystem of fish and other sea life. You can walk around and even swim in these tidal pools.

Find the Milky Way in the Untouched Night Sky

Due to the remoteness of Playa Coyote, there is almost no light pollution. That makes this location the perfect place to go stargazing on a clear night. Wrapped in a blanket on the still-warm beaches, lay back and watch the universe spread out above you, realizing how uncountable the number of stars above you is.

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Playa Coyote is a hidden gem for its tourist free beaches, but just because it is not well known does not mean you have to sacrifice on food. You can enjoy some of the freshest and most delicious meals right in Coyote at local restaurants just a short walk down the beach. Otherwise, travel 10 minutes to San Fransico de Coyote for a bit more selection and some truly delicious seafood. We know you’ll enjoy your meals at Playa Coyote wherever you go, but in case you are looking for a suggestion, check out some of our top choices listed below!

El Barco Restaurante & Bar

Located right on Playa Coyote beach, you can’t beat the comfort and convenience of this local eatery. Featuring beautiful views of the beach and waves, this is the perfect place to stop and grab a burger and a beer when you need a break from relaxing by the water. El Barco is especially known for its fresh guacamole, which visitors have called “The best guacamole in the world!”

You can also expect delicious seafood, friendly waitstaff, and prices that won’t break the bank.

Find more information at El Barco’s website.

LocosCocos Cevicheria

LocosCocos advertises itself as “A barefoot beach bar”, and that’s exactly what you can expect from this relaxed bar on Playa Coyote. It specializes in snacks of fresh seafood ceviche, a local favorite made of fresh, raw fish and chopped vegetables, all splashed with a lemon/lime marinade. Come have a beer and some fresh seafood and watch the sunset from the patio on the beach.

You can find out what the catch of the day at LocosCocos is by visiting their website.

Pizza Tree

Eat in the trees at Pizza Tree! Featuring oven fired, thin crust pizza, Pizza Tree has taken eating pizza to a whole new level–the sky! This exciting setup makes Pizza Tree a great place to stop with kids who will certainly love eating up in the trees. Not only has Pizza Tree been praised for its location and eating experience, but they are also lauded by customers for their authentic Italian taste.

You can find more info about Pizza Tree on their facebook page.

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