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Yoga in Paris

Often called the city of love and romance, Paris is known for its large and luxurious boulevards and stunning penthouses on the Seine River. Here you can enjoy a yoga getaway while you are listening to the most beautiful language in the world.

Your Yoga Guide for Paris

As the wellness culture comes to Paris, yoga in Paris is becoming part of people’s daily activity. From botanical gardens with glass houses to historic parks with waterfalls and temples, whether you are a nature-loving yogi or a plant lover, you will always find the perfect place to practice yoga.

A number of fitness activities take place in the green space within the city of Paris and wherever you go you can always take action to stay healthy and fit here. Paris is not only the most romantic and beautiful French capital, it is also the center of contemporary art, world fashion, and cultural heritage.

Enjoy some fascinating shows like the Moulin Rouge, take on a biking tour in Jardins du Luxembourg, explore the Louvre museum with the Mona Lisa or even have a romantic horse and carriage ride through the city.

Yoga Classes in Paris

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Drop in class at Osmose Yoga Paris

Rue de la Roquette, Paris, France


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Drop in class at Osteo Yoga

Rue d\'Aumale, Paris, France


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Drop in class at Studio Monceau

Rue de Monceau, Paris, France


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Drop in Class at Centre Tao Paris

Boulevard de la Villette, Paris, France


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Why you should do Yoga in Paris?

  • Indulge yourself with the best chocolates and pastries in the world.
  • The city where you can find the trendiest and the most stylish yoga wear.
  • Vegetarian cafes, restaurants, and shops have been taking off in recent years, you will also have loads of options for Vegetarian/Vegan fare

Infos about Yoga Studios and Classes in Paris

As the capital of world fashion, you can find chic and modern yoga studios in Paris. From luxury studios with stylish interior design to bohemian yoga studios with minimalistic design, Paris is a place that accommodates everyone’s taste and budgets.

Since the fitness industry has been taking off in Paris a long time ago, the yoga scene in Paris has also been booming with lots of international yoga teachers settling down in Paris. There are more yoga styles being offered in different yoga studios and more importantly, yoga classes are becoming more accessible to international travelers and other French yogis.

If you are a recent graduate who is looking for a weekend yoga getaway from stress and work, there are numerous affordable yoga classes you can find in the city. If you are seeking a free tryout, one of the most well-known workout gear brands – Lululemon offers free yoga classes during the week.

In terms of yoga styles, yoga shalas in Paris offer a wide variety of yoga classes all over the city, from hot Bikram yoga, to slow pensive Yin yoga. No matter what benefits you are looking for, yoga classes in Paris always provide you with both mental and physical benefits.

What Yogis should know about Paris ?

There are a large number of workshops and events taking place in the green spaces all over the city of Paris and if you are looking for yogi meetups or some free yoga sessions, you will be sure to find them!

If you are trying to maintain a better and healthier lifestyle with less sugar and calories, there is a great pastry cafe named “Foucade” in Paris that offers sugar-free and low calorie traditional French desserts and ice cream. They also offer a daily healthy breakfast with their homemade granola and bread.

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