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Yoga in Germany

Forested and hilly, home of beautiful churches, national parks and UNESCO sites, there’s more to Germany than just the famous Oktoberfest. Germany offers yogis wild nature on the one hand and some of the most famous and exciting cities of europe on the other.

Your Yoga Guide for Germany

This yoga guide helps you to find the perfect experience for yoga in Germany, the country of “poets and thinkers” and more than 5 million yoga practitioners. For many years already Yoga has been a practice for many germans to disconnect from their often hectic daily lives and ground, or connect to themselves. Choosing a yoga holiday in Germany gives you the opportunity to dive into the long and rich history and culture of the country, explore the beautiful historical cities and fairytale castles or make a trip to Germany’s beautiful mountains and lakes.

Yoga Classes in Germany

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Drop In at Yogaliebe Berlin

yogaliebe Berlin, Revaler Straße, Berlin, Germany


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Drop in classes at Yoga Garden Munich

Rumfordstraße, Munich, Germany


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Drop in class at Maha Shanti Yoga

Maha Shanti Yoga, Holzstraße, Munich, Germany


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Drop in yoga class at Yoga Bee Studio

YogaBee, Heimeranstraße, Munich, Germany


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Trial Class at Antara Yoga Berlin

antarayoga, Berliner Allee, Berlin, Germany


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Why you should do Yoga in Germany?

  • The railway system in Germany is well developed, fast and very comfortable for trips in your yoga free time
  • Especially for food you get very good quality at affordable prices
  • More than 5 million yoga practitioners are living in Germany
  • Germany’s landscape is colorful, diverse and beautiful and must be explored

More about Yoga in Germany

In almost every city in Germany you will find yoga studios that offer various yoga styles. Yoga is not only a trend in Germany, but also turned into a committed practice for many germans. If you want to have a big choice of yoga styles and yoga studios, then you should decide to do yoga in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg or Köln.

Munich has a huge yoga community. Especially the Jivamukti method has spread here, with three locations in the centre of Munich. Jivamukti is a yoga style founded by Sharon Gannon and David Life that connects a strong Asana Flow with meditation, breathing techniques, music, dedication and the philosophy of nonviolence. Also famous yoga instructor, former teacher of the german national team and book author Patrick Broome owns several studios in Munich and teaches yoga here. You can also find other yoga styles here, such as Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga or Anusara Yoga.
If you want to practice yoga with experienced and world famous yoga instructors and explore the beautiful city of Munich, the surrounding lakes and the mountains in your yoga free time, then Munich is the best place to take yoga classes, join a yoga teacher training or yoga workshop.

Berlin is one of the most popular cities in the world. It is multicultural, dynamic, liberal and especially rich in its history and cultural offers, such as music festivals or art exhibitions. It is a great city to practice yoga, because it is a place for free spirits and is diverse and so are the yoga styles that you will find here: Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga or Kundalini yoga: Whether you are looking for experienced and world famous teachers, yoga teacher trainings, yoga workshops or regular yoga classes, Berlin has it all. Hot yoga for example is a yoga style you will find a lot in Berlin and is perfect to warm you up in the extremely cold winter months, but also the Jivamukti method is spread throughout this amazing city.

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Discover the Magical Kingdom of Germany