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Yoga in Munich

Besides the historical sights in Munich, the beautiful mountains and lakes in the surrounding area are all worth a visit. Munich offers many activities with its beautiful beer gardens, parks, over 80 museums, exciting festivals and a big yoga scene.

Your Yoga Guide for Munich

A yoga guide for yoga in Munich is very helpful when you want to get to know Munich’s yoga scene. Not only does Munich offer amazing architecture, museums, beautiful parks, beer gardens and an incredible landscape nearby: additionally Munich’s yoga community is big and the studios offer all the yoga styles you could think of. Together with Berlin, Munich probably has the most studios in Germany and is home to some of the world’s best yoga teachers.

Yoga Classes in Munich

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Drop in classes at Yoga Garden Munich

Rumfordstraße, Munich, Germany


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Drop in class at Maha Shanti Yoga

Maha Shanti Yoga, Holzstraße, Munich, Germany


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Drop in yoga class at Yoga Bee Studio

YogaBee, Heimeranstraße, Munich, Germany


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Absolute Beginner Ashtanga Workshop with Asta

Patrick Broome Yoga, Robert-Koch-Straße, Munich, Germany


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Bowspring Workshop with Bastian Schlickeisen

Jaya Yoga, Westermühlstraße, Munich, Germany


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Why you should do Yoga in Munich?

  • Munich is surrounded by some of Germany’s most beautiful lakes and mountains.
  • You can surf in the Eisbach river in the English Garden or watch surfers there.
  • If you are interested in art then Munich offers you many museums and exhibitions.
  • The yoga scene in Munich is one of the biggest in Germany.

Yoga studios and classes in Munich

It is not hard to find restful places in Munich in order to disconnect from daily stress, calm down or relax. There is the English Garden, beautiful beer gardens, the Isar river, lakes and mountains surrounding Munich, and also a lot of yoga studios that help you to maintain physical or mental health, gain more body awareness or have less stress. Especially as a beginner or a newcomer to the Munich yoga scene it is important to know which style to find where.

A popular yoga studio in Munich is Jaya Yoga at the famous Glockenbach quarter. Jaya Yoga offers Deep Slow Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, but also prenatal Yoga. The famous Jivamukti method is being taught in three different locations in Munich and works with challenging sequences to powerful music, inspiring talks and meditation. Well known and experienced teachers from all over the world come to Jivamukti Yoga to give yoga workshops in Munich. Some classes are being taught in english and weekly satsangs are taking place at the yoga studios where yogis meet and talk about yoga topics.

If you want to take a class at one of the three Patrick Broome yoga studios and dive deeper into your yoga practice with one of the best yoga teachers of germany then you will find what you are looking for in the capital of Bavaria. Patrick Broome is the yoga teacher of the german national team and an author of yoga literature such as “Yoga für den Mann” or “Yoga für Alle”.
For the Ashtanga Mysore style you have to visit the Ashtanga Yoga Studio in the Lindwurmstraße and for proper alignment with Iyengar yoga there is the iYoga studio.
If you want to sweat in your practice you should join Bikram yoga that is practiced at Bikram Yoga in Munich, especially recommended in the cold winter months.