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Yoga in Bali

In recent years Bali has been put firmly on the global tourism map. With palm fringed white sand beaches, a tropical climate and easy-going culture this comes as no surprise. Yet its reputation as a focal point for yoga holidays and retreats has also been growing rapidly, making it ever more popular.

Your Yoga Guide for Bali

With so much to offer visitors who come to the island, deciding to do yoga in Bali makes a lot of sense. A warm, year-round climate makes beachside yoga sessions, swimming in the ocean and sunset viewing a pleasingly feasible daily routine.

The island has a rich spiritual tradition stemming from the unique fusion of Hindu, Buddhist and Animist faiths that have evolved over the centuries. Add to that a rich artistic heritage and it becomes clear that you can easily immerse yourself in any number of spiritual, or meditation retreats in mystical Bali.

Yoga Teacher Trainings in Bali

200 Hr. Hatha & Vinyasa YTTC
Indonesia, Bali


Yoga Retreats

8 Days Thai Yoga Anatomy Course
Indonesia, Bali


7 Days Life as Offering in Bali
Indonesia, Bali


7 Days Luxury Yoga Retreat
Indonesia, Bali


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Why you should do Yoga in Bali:

  • A wide selection of yoga retreats, holidays and trainings.
  • Warm climate and diverse culture.
  • Outdoor activities and entertainment options.

Yoga Classes in Bali

Check out these Yoga Studios in Bali

The diversity of the environment means that surfers, hikers, and divers can all pursue their passions here. Eateries and shops sell organic vegan, vegetarian and other wholesome fares and will appeal to the growing market for detox and even fasting retreats, that are prevalent in Bali.

The exponential growth of yoga has to lead to many studios in Bali offering budding instructors the chance to become certified by enrolling in yoga teacher training courses. Whether it’s your first yoga vacation or you are a seasoned traveling yogi, you will find some of the best yoga retreats in the world in Bali.

An array of enchanting locations await you, from lush inland jungle to quiet sandy bays; the island is blessed with places to deepen your practice and satisfy your yogic needs.

The Yoga Barn is a well-established center in Ubud which offers short yoga and wellness retreats and comes equipped with 5 open-air yoga shalas.
Split between both beachside and inland accommodation Eat, Pray, Move retreats offer guests the chance to experience the best of the island’s scenery, with daily yoga and meditation practice.

Popular Yoga Destinations in Bali

Ubud is generally considered to be the heartbeat of the yoga scene in Bali. The variety and extent of accommodation, restaurants, bars, cafes and, of course, yoga studios has resulted in a boom in the small town.

In addition to your daily asanas, you can take advantage of numerous hiking trails in the area and reward yourself with any number of delicious dishes served up at the eateries available on your doorstep.

Canggu is fast emerging as the next yogi place-to-be and it’s easy to see why. Right on the coast and a safe distance from busy Seminyak, there are various studios now offering yoga and pilates and a number of places to find healthy food and wellness facilities.

Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

With yoga classes being in such high demand across the world, the need for certified instructors has increased accordingly. There are now a wealth of yoga teacher training courses to choose from in Bali with many of the most sought-after instructors coming to the island to pass on their wisdom and skills to the next generation of yogis.

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Important information about Bali

Things to explore in Bali

Bali : a vegetarian and row food Heaven

What Yogis should know about Bali

An annual event in Bali that may well appeal to yogis, and anyone who appreciates some respite from the modern dependency on technology, is Nyepi Day. Falling at the time when locals celebrate New Year, islanders are expected to observe the rules of the “Day of Silence.”

This unique celebration involves disconnecting from all power sources and electronic devices and abandoning the usual routines of work and travel. This is a great opportunity to appreciate your natural surroundings and company without any of the distractions that accompany our normal existence.