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Yoga in Jordan

Explore one of the most beautiful deserts in the world while surrendering yourself to silence in meditation, and clearing your mind while resting under the stars in Jordan.

Your Yoga Guide for Jordan

Have you ever had a distraction-free holiday before? Yoga in Jordan will take you on a healing journey through time and space. From ancient cities to the majestic desert, you will have the chance to discover one of the best-preserved Roman ruins while admiring some of the most impressive Islamic architectures in the world. When visiting the lowest point in the world, you will also have the chance to float in the most saline sea and immerse yourself in the waters of the Dead Sea.

Due to the environmental pressures and respect for the local traditions and community, the industry of eco-tourism in Jordan is booming. When you are on your eco yoga holidays and visiting traditional villages, you will not only experience the hospitality of Jordanian culture, you will also be completely free from stress. Meanwhile, you will be allowed to bring your soul into harmony and regain the control over your body and mind.

Yoga Retreat in Jordan

3 Days Desert Connection
Jordan, Petra


3 days/2 nights
9 Days Yoga Desert Escape
Jordan, Petra


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The best Yoga Retreats in Jordan

When it comes to yoga holidays, Jordan might not be the place that comes to mind at first. However, traveling to Jordan is actually much safer than most middle eastern countries, and you will have the chance to uncover a list of world heritage sites with unique cultural and natural values.

From the lost city of Petra to the Wadi Rum desert to the natural healing center of the Dead Sea, yoga retreats here will bring you some of the most unique experiences ever. Walk into one of the famous Hollywood movie scenes where movies like Indiana Jones and Transformers were filmed and get inspired by the Treasury building in Petra with magnificent tombs and facades in the natural passage.

The Dead Sea is one of the first health resorts in the world. It contains a high amount of minerals that are essential to our bodies. As one part of many yoga retreat programs, you will have the chance to soak in the water while rejuvenating your skin with the Dead Sea mud. Apart from a spa-like retreat, you will also find other adventurous activities here such as camel rides, jeep tours and hiking in a nature reserve.

In terms of accommodation, it will be less likely for you to find a luxury villa or boutique hotel to stay in. Nevertheless, you will have the opportunity to experience the real and colorful Jordan by staying in Bedouin camps and interacting with local people. If you are looking for an authentic experience in the desert, Jordan will turn your yoga holidays into a gateway to joy.

Why you should do Yoga in Jordan?

  • Yoga retreats in the desert give you the chance to be away from the crowds and tourists, and a have a great interaction with other like-minded people
  • Practice yoga in front of a beautiful sunset and meditate while you are embracing the silence and solitude of the desert
  • You will have the chance to appreciate the beauty of desert castles, islamic art and architecture

What Yogis should know about Jordan

There are not many options in terms of yoga styles in Jordan, but you will find the most are HathaVinyasa, and Nidra. After your daily yoga practices, most resorts provide Bedouin tea and delicious vegetarian meals.