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Yoga in Tulum

With the most picturesque white sand beach and well-preserved Mayan ruins, Tulum is one of the premier destinations for yogis in Mexico where you can go to heal your body and mind with the sounds of nature.

Your Yoga Guide for Tulum

Drawing on the mystical power over the ancient Mayan civilization, Yoga in Tulum will be an extraordinary mix of beauty and power. Caribbean turquoise seas, crystal clear water, white sand beaches, secret lagoons and more. The gorgeous coastline of this popular town, as well as the eco-friendly holiday retreats, makes Tulum the perfect place to heal your body, mind, and soul while practicing yoga.

Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats in Tulum

More Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats in Mexico

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That is why you should do Yoga in Tulum?

  • A la carte yoga retreat programs which have flexible timetables and a variety of yoga styles that fit your own desires.
  • Numerous eco-conscious resorts for you to inspire creativity, healing, and connection.
  • Chemical-free meals that come with various options: high protein diet with quality meat, as well as gourmet vegetarian/vegan meals.
  • An inclusive policy that is ideal for the hobbyist yogis or travelers who want to try their hands at a quick upward dog.

More about yoga in Tulum

As one of the best preserved coastal Mayan sites, all the resorts offer various excursions and outdoor activities for you to choose from. If biking to the majestic ruins, jumping into a cenote, discovering unknown water spots, or spending the day eating fresh fish tacos and many other amazing dishes sound like your ideal yoga vacation then yoga in Tulum may be the option for you.

While you are surrounded by lush jungles, yoga holidays in Tulum not only provide unique yoga classes that come with delicious food, it also offers various healing treatments and therapies by using traditional Mayan techniques, or ingredients, such as Mayan honey and sugar to rejuvenate your body.

Yoga retreats / yoga holidays in Tulum

The spectacular coastline of Tulum in Mexico, with one of the most important archaeological Mayan sites, this beach town is filled with plenty of lodgings, restaurants and wellness centers. Tulum has many Yoga Retreats offering various packages in different locations. You can experience the laid-back atmosphere and hospitality, stay in natural cabanas crafted by local Mayan artists or just relax in a beautiful loft apartment with beachfront views. No matter what you are looking for there are always options to satisfy your needs.

With warm starry nights and clear turquoise waters, you can find special night yoga classes accompanied with wine and chocolates. While you are nourished by Mayan spa treatment and healing practice, all the yoga retreat programs offer delicious meals that are designed based on individual dietary requirements. If you are looking for healthy meals with meat, unlike the conventional vegetarian/vegan yogic diet, you can easily find resorts that serve delicious meals with high qualities of fish and meat, as well as whole food and Ayurvedic diets.

While you are feeling revitalized and refreshed, there are daily yoga classes for yogis with all skill levels, you can also find daily workshops to have a wonderful cultural experience.

Yoga Teacher Trainings in Tulum

Reserve your spot in the sun with a teacher training program and depending on how much time you have, there are plenty of options for one week or longer teacher training programs. Tulum offers courses for all levels from beginner to advanced, as well as many different yoga styles. 200 hour Aligned Flow yoga, 7-day intensive Ashtanga yoga training or other continuing education courses are some of the common options you can choose to join. Whichever you choose you are sure to develop an overall better physical stamina.

What Yogis should know about Tulum

Apart from yoga practices, sound healing therapy can be found all over Tulum. As one of the oldest and most natural forms of healing known to man, it uses the power of instruments to restore your body, mind, and soul back to balance.
Also, you will be introduced to different forms of yoga and meditation practices that may include forms of guided or silent meditations, breathing exercises, chakra focus or other life-enhancing tools.