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Yoga in The Netherlands

The Netherlands may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of a yoga holiday, but its growing scene and rich culture may just surprise you. Come and experience blooming tulips, the smell of freshly roasted coffee and friendly faces on bicycles traveling along the canals.

Your Yoga Guide for The Netherlands

yoga holiday in the Netherlands is a great choice, whether you are looking for a quick class while passing through or looking participate in a workshop to further your yoga skills, you will be sure to still have a relaxing vacation.

You could easily spend your whole time practicing in Amsterdam as there is so much to see and do, which will surely keep you busy after class. Though it would be a shame to not stop in for a class in some other notable cities such as The Hague and Rotterdam. Not only do they host a large selection of yoga classes, but they have a much more local feel.

You’ll instantly feel at home in the Netherlands as you ride your bike to class each morning.

Yoga Classes in Netherlands

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Drop class at Yoga studio Nzinga

Roelantstraat 3A, 1056 ES Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Drop in class at Leef Yoga

LeefYoga & YippieYogaKind, Derde Oosterparkstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Drop in class at YARAYOGA

YARAYOGA Amsterdam, Kinkerstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Drop in class at Blossom Body

BLOAdmiraal de Ruijterweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Drop in class at The Conscious Club

Lauriergracht, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Why do Yoga in the Netherlands?

  • Easy access to the Ocean
  • Wide variety of classes and workshops
  • Convenient for healthy eating and strict diets
  • Lots of diversity and culture

Yoga Retreats in Netherlands

What Yogis should know about The Netherlands

The Netherlands offer a whole lot for such a small country. Not only is the yoga scene booming, but so is the art and food industry. You could spend your days relaxing on the shores, or exploring fishing villages and even going island hopping. No matter what city you decide to visit make sure to explore as there is a surprise around every corner.

Popular Yoga Destinations in the Netherlands


This large city may be fast-paced but you will quickly find reprise in the calming Amsterdam yoga studios located all around the city. Whether you want to practice Mysore, Hatha or get involved in workshops you’ll have an abundance of options, and lots to keep you busy after class. From coffee shops to art galleries, it’s hard to be bored in Amsterdam.

The Hague

Though Amsterdam is the capital The Hague hosts the Dutch Parliament and is known for its gothic style buildings. Many people enjoy this city as it moves at a more relaxed pace than the capital, and still offers many different yoga choices. The Hague’s proximity to the coast also makes it an ideal location for beach lovers and yogis alike.


One of The Netherlands major port cities Rotterdam, has the largest population after Amsterdam, you’ll fall in love with its unique architecture and fine dining options. Though a little smaller than the capital yoga is taken just as seriously by residents, and you’ll find many different classes to participate in. Rotterdam is a great place to practice for the yogi who likes to get off the beaten path and out of the tourist scene.