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Yoga in the Philippines

Crystal clear water, stunning islands, and tropical vibes make the Philippines an irresistible destination for a yoga retreat. If you are looking for a south-east Asian country unlike others the Philippines is a great place.

Your Yoga Guide for the Philippines

Practicing Yoga in the Philippines is an unforgettable experience. The Philippines are often underestimated and people often choose a yoga holiday in Thailand, Bali or Vietnam. The Philippines, however, offer the best conditions for a relaxing yoga vacation. The friendly locals are extremely welcoming and you can find amazing beaches with crystal clear water along the coastlines of the country.

If you love hiking and exploring nature then the Philippines also offers you unique spots to do so. You can climb one of the many volcanoes, discover caves, lakes and trek to beautiful waterfalls. The prices in the Philippines are very inexpensive, so shopping, eating out, massages and yoga experiences are very affordable.

Yoga Retreats and Teacher Trainings in Philippines

12 Days Deep Nature Cleanse Retreat
Philippines, Puerto Princesa


12 Days/11 Nights
10 Days Deep Nature Cleanse Retreat
Philippines, Puerto Princesa


10 Days/9 Nights
5 Days Wellness Yoga Program
Philippines, Puerto Princesa


5 Days/4 Nights

General Information about Yoga in the Philippines

In general the retreat prices in the Philippines are much cheaper than in other destinations.
Due to its amazing nature the Philippines are also a great spot for a meditation retreat. But also couple retreats for deepening your yoga practice and your relationship are very popular.

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More about yoga teacher trainings in the Philippines

If you want to teach yoga or deepen your practice you might consider a yoga teacher training.

Most certified teachers are looking back to their yoga teacher training experience as one of the most intense and transformative times of their lives. A 200h yoga teacher training is indeed an intense experience as it will prepare you in only a few weeks to teach and to have a good knowledge about asana, meditation, pranayama, philosophy, and anatomy.

Choosing a yoga teacher training in the Philippines is a good choice because the teacher training offers are less expensive than in popular destinations like Bali or Costa Rica, but with the same or even better quality. Many of the teacher training programs in the Philippines are led by well-experienced teachers.

The island Siargao offers many yoga and surf retreats. Siargao Island is one of the best islands in the Philippines to surf and has a lot of surf breaks close to the beach.

Why you should do Yoga in the Philippines?

  • The Philippines have some of the most beautiful beaches of the world
  • More than 90% of the population speaks english
  • The Philippines are much cheaper than other yoga destinations
  • The Philippines has one of the most diverse wildlife in the world

More about yoga retreats in the Philippines

Deciding on a yoga retreat to meditate, calm your mind, focus on your well-being, breathe and treat your body well is already a great step. Choosing a perfect location to do so is the second. A yoga retreat in the Philippines is a great choice for so many reasons. Whether for a couple of days or even a week, you can find several yoga retreats that will fulfill any of your desires.

The tropical weather, sun, and the salty water make a detox in the Philippines a natural daily process. If you are looking for a yoga retreat to cleanse and heal, check out Bahay Kalipay. It was built using Filipino-inspired architecture. Dancing, gardening, and eating raw food are all part of the activities you will enjoy here. The retreat was inspired by an ancient local tradition called babaylan. Babaylan is an awakening process through inner awareness of one’s body, mind, and energy. The retreat is being held at several locations throughout the Philippines.

The Philippines are also a great spot if you want to do SUP yoga. At Qi Retreats you can deepen your meditation practice or practice yoga while floating on the crystal clear water surrounded by stunning views and beaches. Or you can practice inside the stunning yoga shala and dive into Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga. In your yoga free time, you can make a trip to see dolphins, snorkel at Balicasag Island or enjoy a Spa treatment.

The island Siargao offers many yoga and surf retreats. Siargao Island is one of the best islands in the Philippines to surf and has a lot of surf breaks close to the beach.