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Yoga in Portugal

Miles of sandy dream beaches, stunning natural scenery, and impressive historic sites make Portugal an unforgettable travel destination and a perfect place for a yogic experience.

Your Yoga Guide for Portugal

This guide for Yoga in Portugal helps in finding the perfect Portuguese yoga vacation. Get lost in Lisbon, surf The Algarve, or visit the most southwest point of Europe and enjoy the solitude. Portugal offers beautiful architecture and exciting experiences, be sure to catch a traditional Fado show after yoga class.

Yoga Retreats and Teacher Trainings in Portugal

7 Days Yoga Surf retreat
Portugal, Lagos


7 Days Family Surf & Yoga retreat
Portugal, Lagos


7 Days Classic Yoga Retreat
Portugal, Lagos


7 Days Healing Yoga retreat for teachers
Portugal, Lagos


7 Days Family Yoga Retreat
Portugal, Lagos


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Why you should do Yoga in Portugal?

  • Endless wild coastlines
  • Bacalhau and Pastéis da Nata and many more delicious dishes
  • Beautiful cities and stunning historic sites
  • Quiet even in tourist season

The best yoga destinations in Portugal

In Portugal, you can not only find amazing waves to surf but also beautiful spots for a yoga retreat. This country offers amazing historic sites, stunning beaches and a beautiful natural scenery that you can discover and enjoy in your free time, or combine surf and yoga and choose a yoga surf camp.

Some of the most popular places for yoga in Portugal are the Azores, Lisbon, Porto, and Algarve.

The Azores: The archipelago of the Azores provide a deep connection to nature and are an amazing setting for a yoga holiday. The Azores are known as a destination for holidays among nature and the sea: walking trails, whale and dolphin watching, surfing, cycling or baths in natural swimming pools: A yoga retreat in the Azorean landscape is a unique experience.

Lisbon: Lisbon is a vibrant city full of beautiful architecture, amazing food, friendly locals and close proximity to the sea. It also has a big yoga community and offers beautiful spots for a yoga practice, such as by the river, local parks, rooftops with views over the city and amazing yoga studios and yoga retreats.

Porto: Porto is often underrated and forgotten by travelers. The second largest Portuguese city has a lot to offer though. Romanesque and Gothic architecture, delicious seafood and an exciting nightlife are just the beginning that all this city has to offer after yoga class.

Algarve: The calmer parts of the Algarve are energizing and powerful making it perfect for a healthy yoga practice. The surroundings make it easy to ground, keep in touch with nature and connect with yourself. The Algarve is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Due to the great surf conditions, there are many yoga and surf retreats are being offered in this region.

Yoga Retreats / Holidays in Portugal

Yoga Retreat in Portugal will allow you to leave the stress of daily life behind and connect with yourself again. From endless sunshine and relaxed vibes to the breathtaking nature and wild Atlantic coast, Portugal is the perfect yoga vacation. You will find luxury, wellness, surf, and yoga retreats for every budget in this unforgettable country. When not practicing asanas be sure to visit the vibrant cities such as Lisbon and Porto.

Yoga Teacher Trainings in Portugal

A yoga teacher training is a life-changing experience. Whether you just want to deepen your practice or share your passion as a certified yoga teacher: The right yoga teacher training in Portugal gives you both opportunities plus a space to meet like-minded people to share unforgettable experiences. Portugal is full of options to do your yoga teacher training whether you choose to be close to the beach, amongst nature, or in a city. You’ll find most schools in Portugal offering Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, with the most options available in Lisbon or The Algarve.

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