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Yoga in Spain

Spain is home to amazing beaches, delicious and diverse food options, Mediterranean vibes and fascinating cities, towns, and islands. The Spanish know how to enjoy life and with the siesta integrated into their culture, they offer a perfect spot for a relaxing yoga retreat.

Your Yoga Guide for Spain

This Yoga Guide for Yoga in Spain gives you an overview of the offered yoga retreats in the home of flamenco and tapas! Practice yoga in Andalusia, surf the Canary Islands, do a yoga teacher training in Barcelona or join a yoga retreat in the gypsy vibes of Ibiza.

Yoga Teacher Trainings in Spain

Yoga Retreats in Spain

5 Days Cooking and Yoga Retreat
Spain, Lanjaron


5 Days Family Yoga Holiday
Spain, Lanjaron


5 Days Yoga and Nature Walks Retreat
Spain, Lanjaron


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That is why you should do Yoga in Spain?

  • Fascinating Mediterranean biodiversity of the spanish flora and fauna.
  • A lot of sunlight and mild climate most of the year.
  • Delicious and healthy food options all around Spain.
  • The siesta culture offers you a perfect place for a yoga vacation.
  • You can explore beautiful nature and join exciting activities such as surfing or hiking in your yoga free time.

Classes in Spain

Popular Yoga Destinations in Spain

Popular destinations for Yoga Retreats in Spain are Andalusia, Majorca, Fuerteventura, the Canary Islands, Barcelona, and Ibiza.

Andalusia: Scenic beauty that is world famous, as well as the flamenco and the cultural attractions. Andalusia counts the sunniest days on the European mainland and is an ideal spot for a yoga retreat in Spain. In your yoga free time, there is a lot to discover, such as the diverse landscape and the traces of Moorish culture. Pranayama, the yogic breathing technique is ideally practiced in the open air and Andalusia offers the best circumstances to do so.


The Balearic Islands give you the opportunity to get some distance from everyday life; especially Majorca is popular for its yoga. It is a yogi paradise and a great location for relaxing and grounding, especially in the complete seclusion of ancient Majorcan monasteries. Throughout the year the weather conditions allow you to have a beautiful yoga holiday with meditation, pranayama, asana practice and a diet for your personal needs: fasting, detox or healthy ayurvedic food.


Yoga holidays in Barcelona offer you a completely different experience of Spain, especially being such a vibrant city at the mediterranean sea. Barcelona is perfectly located at a long sandy beach with transit connections to a romantic city; with parks, hills, and mountains.


The natural beauty of Ibiza and its beaches makes the island a perfect place for relaxation and well-being. Many yogis and travelers come to practice yoga in Ibiza and to take a break from their daily life. Not only is Ibiza’s nightlife world famous, but also are the breathtaking beaches, white towns and idyllic spots on the popular island.

The Canary Islands

On the diverse and exotic Canary Islands you can also enjoy the sun in the winter months; explore the volcanic landscape, enjoy beautiful views or surf the amazing waves of the Atlantic ocean during your Yoga and Surf Retreat. Also hiking is an amazing activity to do in here in your yoga free hours.

Yoga Teacher Trainings in Spain

yoga teacher training is a life-changing experience and can be one of the most intense and transforming experiences of your lives. Whether you want to do an AshtangaVinyasa, Yin, or traditional Hatha yoga teacher training in Spain: the studio options are endless.
You will find a large number of yoga institutes or yoga schools, with experienced and well-known teachers that help you on your way to deepen your practice or be a future teacher.

Infos about Yoga Retreats in Spain

If you want to practice yoga surrounded by beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, Spain is an ideal choice for you. Spain spoils you with delicious and healthy foods and good weather. Yoga Retreats in Majorca, Ibiza, Andalusia, Barcelona or the Canary Islands offer you pure relaxation and a yoga experience that you will not forget!

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