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Yoga in Madrid

The capital and largest city of Spain, Madrid really knows how to live! Practicing yoga and enjoying this stimulating city, you can find great cultural and artistic heritage, in a healthy and relaxing manner.

Your Yoga Guide for Madrid

If you are considering yoga in Madrid there are a variety of classes in yoga studios across the city which could give you a little bit of zen back into your life.
With enormous cathedrals, churches and medieval architecture, Madrid is a city filled with both new and old architecture, lifestyle and culture. Madrilenos are always fond of sports and healthy living and the city is full of gyms, fitness and specialized yoga studios. If you are looking to take a moment to slow down and relax in the midst of a hectic city, then yoga classes in Madrid may be the answer.

Holidays in Madrid are not only about amazing nightlife, you can also find unique yoga retreats in the city while staying in luxurious villas and getting nourished, with delicious health-conscious food.

Yoga Classes in Madrid

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That is why you should do Yoga in Madrid?

  • Easy to find a quiet place to meditate and practice yoga in this crowded foreign city.
  • The different studios offer one of the most rapidly growing popularity yoga types – Kundalini yoga classes in Madrid.
  • You can take classes basically everywhere, the majority of fitness centers and gyms offer yoga classes for all different levels, and teach both in English and Spanish.

Classes in Spain

More Infos about Yoga in Madrid

Yoga in Madrid can be basically done anywhere around the city. There are many studios that offer spring, summer and fall classes in the main park of Madrid.

During the winter, there are also cozy studios where you can take classes with different styles and options for beginners and advanced practitioners, as well as prenatal yoga classes.
If you are looking to tone your body and strengthen your mind, you will find studios offering yoga classes designed to make you healthier and happier.

If you are traveling with your family there are special classes for kids and adolescents, allowing you to still enjoy yoga classes and participate in mindfulness workshops, as well as encourage your kids practicing yoga or health-related sports.

Yoga Teacher Trainings in Madrid

Yoga Teacher Trainings in Madrid always consist of a teaching team as well as an assistant who will help you improve your individual competence in the daily practices.

In Yoga center Madrid, you will usually find 200 hour Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vinyasa training programs. Other specialized courses such as mindfulness, meditation, posture adjusting and advanced level training can also be found across Madrid in various studios offering teacher trainings.

What Yogis should know about Madrid

When it comes to the food in Madrid, Spanish seafood paella, tapas or other meat dishes would always be expected. Classic Spanish dishes such as Pan con Tomate drizzled with olive oil, patatas bravas perfectly fits into the vegan-centric diet. Also, with the growing number of foreign tourists coming to the country, there are lots of flavourful meat-free options on the menu. If you are looking for some specific vegan or vegetarian cuisine in the city, the number of a vegetarian and vegan cafe or restaurants are growing, you can always find the plate you want.
Also Madrid is the place to be for yogis who would like to engage in outdoor workshops or practicing yoga in nature while meeting up with other yoga enthusiasts.