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A truly spectacular location! Affordable, diverse and timelessly charming. Not only this, you will be welcomed by happy smiles and supported by the helpful nature of the locals. Nature’s lovers find in Sri Lanka wildlife wonders, golden beaches and aquamarine waves for the ultimate surfing experience. Arts’ lovers, fill your eyes with the beauty of ancient Buddhist ruins. A true gem in the middle of the Indian ocean, your yoga holiday in Sri Lanka will surely be a magical one.

Lying in between India and South-East Asia, this alluring country previously existed as an off-the-beaten path destination. With more exposure, it is increasing in popularity as a vacation spot. Sri Lanka has become a place for tourism, circled by beautiful sandy beaches, epic surf, delicious food, and a plethora of wildlife.

The tradition of Sri Lanka also makes it an interesting, nearly mystical place for travelers, especially from The West. Deep in the forest, you could find people cooking up ‘magic’ or bathing in rivers for ceremonial purposes. Sri Lanka is one of few countries that have decided to recognize each full moon as its own holiday, which could be considered a part of their traditional beliefs and rituals.

With expansion, the capital city, Colombo, contrasts tradition, offering modern comforts in forms of sleek malls, designer shopping, chill-out bars, a buzzing nightlife in clubs and casinos. Staying true to its history still, ancient paintings and sculptures dating back to the 4th century BC can be admired, all in the same breath.

Dates to remember in Sri Lanka

January 12 – Duruthu Fall Moon Poya

January 14 – Tamil Thai Pongal Day

February 4 – National Day

February 10 – Naval Full Moon Poya

February 24 – Maha Shivatri

March 12 – Madin Full Moon Poya

April 10 – Bak Full Moon

April 13 – Sinhala and Tamil New Year Eve

April 14. – Good Friday/Sinhala and Tamil New Year

May 1 – May Day

May 10-11 – Vesak Full Moon Poya

June 8 – Poson Full Moon

June 26 – Ideal Fitr

July 8 – Esala Full Moon Poya

August 7 – Nikini Full Moon Poya

September 1 – Ideal Adha

September 5 – Binara Full Moon Poya

October 5 – Cap Full Moon Poya 
Deepavali (Dewali)

November 3 – Full Moon Poya

December 1 – Milad-un-Nabi

December 3 – Unduvap Full Moon Poya

December 25 – Christmas Day


To reference holidays for upcoming years, tap here.

Sri Lanka


Sinhala, Tamil, English

Sri Lankan Rupee

Interesting facts



The world’s first female prime minister was Sri Lankan. In 1960, Sirimavo Bandaranaike became the sixth prime minister in the history of the country.
  • Sri Lanka is the only country in the world where a person could see the largest mammal in the world, the elephant and the largest marine mammal, the blue whale, in one single day.


  • The word Sri Lanka literally means “Resplendent Island” in Sanskrit.

Good to know

A 30-day tourist visa is available and should be obtained several days before arriving. For more information, click here.

History, Culture, and Etiquette when visiting Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was a prosperous, rich nation during the 2nd-4th century AD, having the means of open trade with China, India, Persia and Ethiopia.
 The country suffered from invasion by India in the 5th century. 

By the 13th century, Sri Lankan power declined with political instability, as India repetitively invaded the country. The British arrived in the 19th century, creating plantations for coffee and imports.
Buddhism and Hinduism was revived during this period of time.

Both religions still influence Sri Lankans. No matter where you travel within the country, the caste system, which is based on hierarchy, is strictly followed. Natives are very conscious of social order and status. All relationships, whether professional or family life involve hierarchies. Class and dignity are extremely important to Sri Lankans, both in social or business situations.

 The main economic sectors of the country are tea export, tourism, apparel, textiles and agriculture.

Sri Lankan’s appreciate modest attire, being of a more conservative, traditional mind. 

Of course, it is perfectly fine to practice with your normal yoga gear at studios and retreats. Bohemian pants that are more loosely fitted than the usual yoga pants might seem more appropriate and more comfortable. While surfing and swimming at beaches and hanging out at resorts, swimsuits are considered normal attire. However, at beach cafes, ensure to cover up with a sarong, as you will naturally encounter more locals.

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