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Yoga in Taiwan

Vast coastlines, secluded mountains, and impeccable railways. Whether in the busy capital of Taipei or in a small fishing village like Wu Shi Bi Port; Taiwan will surely mesmerize you with its rich culture and impeccable cuisine.

Your Yoga Guide for Taiwan

Yoga in Taiwan is a unique opportunity. You can expect to have a great time in Taiwan, this diverse island country has a lot to offer. Having only gained independence in 1949 the country is fairly new and still has holds much of its roots in China, which is evident in its culture and architecture.

For such a small nation you will be surprised at all the yoga and diversity it has to offer. Its bustling capital Taipei is a stark contrast on its own, divided between the old city on the east side of the river and new city to the west, all cradled by a vast mountain range all which can easily be explored after class by using the well developed rail system. For the more adventurous yogi, this is a great opportunity to explore. The whole island is well connected and has a long list of sights.

Traverse the striking coastline and visit the few traditional fishing villages and practice yoga on their shoreline, or hike in the remote mountains and embrace the seclusion. With over 20% of the country’s land protected, green space is abundant. If you are in need of a once in a lifetime experience you need not look further.

Yoga Retreats in Taiwan

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Why do Yoga in Taiwan?

  • Hiking
  • Ancient Temples
  • Unique blend of cultures

More about Yoga Retreats in Taiwan

Taiwan is an excellent location for a yoga retreat, you can focus on the renewal of your mind, spirit, and body. Yoga classes are offered in the mornings and evenings with meditation and health classes in afternoon.

The majority of retreats will often offer programs which include vegetarian or vegan meals, while other retreats are designed to detoxify the body with a strict juice cleanse.

Whatever you’re looking for in a yoga retreat, all are geared towards restoring the physical, mental and spiritual health. Though be sure to choose the season carefully, while winter and fall are the driest and most temperate months, summer and spring can bring extreme heat, flooding, and typhoons.

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