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An endearingly little country, Taiwan is considered one of the most welcoming on their side of the earth. In comparison to China and most of South-East Asia, Taiwan is a prosperous country with a relatively low cost of living. With a unique culture in its own and beautiful parks, it is a magical place to visit, especially for the frequent travelers who feel as though they have seen it all!

You might be familiar with Confucius, an abstract Chinese philosopher who existed in 500 BC.
 If you want to learn more about the man behind the mystery, Taiwan is home to The Taipei Confucius Temple. It is a gorgeous temple suited for all ages, adults and children alike.

As Taiwanese are known for their obsession with Hello Kitty, it is a space where adults are free to enjoy kid-like things, like animation and frilly clothes. Even if you only partake of their ‘cuteness culture’ while buying a souvenir for your niece, visiting such a nation brings back a sense of wonderment and imagination that we felt so viscerally when we were children. It might feel like stepping into another world, but isn’t that what traveling is all about?!

Dates to remember in Taiwan

January 1-2 – Republic Day/New Year’s Day

January 27 – Chinese New Year’s Eve

January 28 – Chinese New Year’s Day

January 29-31 – Chinese New Year Holiday

February 1 – Chinese New Year Holiday

February 25-26 – Memorial Day

February 27 – Earth God’s Birthday

February 28 – Memorial Day

April 3 – Children’s Day

April 5 – Tomb Sweeping Day

May 1 – Labor Day

May 30 – Dragon Boat Festival

October 10 – National Day/Double Tenth Day


To reference any holidays that might change with the year, click here.



Mandarin (Standard, Chinese)

New Taiwan Dollar

Interesting facts

  •  Cuteness is very much appreciated in Asian culture, especially, Taiwan and Japan. Hello Kitty is a huge craze, even amongst adults.


  • Taiwan is a country of convenience, with almost everything having the ability to be delivered. This also makes transportation very convenient.


  • Taiwan has the lowest poverty rate and the highest recycling rate.

Good to know

 A single-entry fee of 43 euros or multiple entry fee of 86 euros is valid for three months to one year. For more details about traveling to and within Taiwan, click here.

History, Culture and Etiquette in Taiwan

With inhabitants in Taiwan dating back 4000 years ago, the country has seen many lives, cultures, and rulers. The Chinese arrived in the 16th century, followed by the Dutch and Spanish soon after. The powerful Ming dynasty captured power in the 1600s. Fast forwarding to the 1800s, the Japanese dominated the region, and they built their language into the Taiwanese education system. After suffering defeat in WWII, Japan relinquished control over Taiwan, and right after, the Chinese communistic government took over. To this day, Taiwan is still considered the Republic of China.

Current day Taiwan is filled with hard workers who value humility, patience and friendliness. The extended family is the central economic resource, which substantially affects every day life. Generally, most people dislike loud, brash, showy, egotistical behavior, so try to refrain from being too loud. Visitors to the country are welcomed with kindness and genuine excitement.

There are not many rules as to what is appropriate within dress and fashion. Many people in Taiwan would just as soon admire a fun, unique outfit than to ever judge someone’s tastefulness or worth based on clothing. People would usually just dress for the weather, depending upon which season you are visiting.

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