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Yoga in Tanzania

Tanzania is a wild-land that beckons to be explored. From the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro to the lions pride, the adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you.

Your Yoga Guide for Tanzania

Head to Zanzibar Stone Town, where time stands still, the stroll to the coast and practice asanas along a palm-fringed beach. In Tanzania the water’s so blue the sky pales in comparison.

If this does not sound like enough of an adrenaline rush head out to the Serengeti for a safari and face lions, rhinos and every other creature this wild paradise holds. Tanzania is strong in culture and adventure, climb Africa’s highest peak in Kilimanjaro national park, and eat with locals in the surrounding villages after sundown.

Yoga Retreats and Teacher Trainings in Tanzania

14 Days Feel the Heartbeat of Nature Tour
Tanzania, Serengeti


95 Hr. Children’s YTT in Tanzania
Tanzania, Zanzibar


14 Days Hear the voice of Silence Safari
Tanzania, Serengeti


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The best Yoga Retreats in Tanzania

Yoga retreats in Tanzania are usually centered around the island of Zanzibar and/or going on a safari in Kilimanjaro national park. One of the best options to fully experience Tanzania is to go for a 14-day retreat where you will be participating in Mysore classes every morning and meditation in the evening.

During your first week, you will be in Zanzibar and can spend days on the beach snorkeling, getting a tan, or explore the vibrant Zanzibar city. During your second week, you will be heading to Kilimanjaro National park and when not practicing yoga you will get to go out on game drives and experience life in the bush. Tanzania is a once in a lifetime experience for any yogi in need of a breath of fresh air. Whether that means a wild adventure in the bush or a tropical paradise Tanzania has everything you can dream of.

Why do Yoga in Tanzania?

  • Safaris
  • Stunning beaches
  • Historical landmarks

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What to explore in Tanzania

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