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Tanzania is located in East Africa. It is perfect for a traveling yogi looking to disconnect from ‘the noise’ of the western world, reconnect with nature, while rediscovering self. This nation offers some of the most gorgeous wildlife in the entire world. Within the country, there are desert-like lands, wetlands, swamps, towering mountains, rivers, gorges, and sea.

This beautiful East African country can offer you any and everything you wanted on a naturalistic, simplistic tour. There is more to be seen here than you could observe in an entire lifetime, but come along, and take in a slice of its magnificence.

The Serengeti

The Serengeti, specifically Serengit, is derived from the Maasai language, meaning ‘endless plains’. This long span of ecosystem is a beautiful stretch of 30,000 square kilometers (12,000 square miles) that crosses most of Northern Tanzania, dipping briefly into Southwestern Kenya. The region residing in Kenya is more often referred to as Maasai Mara.

Mount Kilimanjaro

For those of you who get your high from high elevations, Mount Kilimanjaro is worth a visit. Consisting of the highest peak in Africa, this is perfect for anyone who wants to climb, hike, and explore life above the clouds. Enjoy a leisurely tread toward the base, or decide to make it a couple of day adventure, full of camping and foraging. For inspiration: A South African man named Bernard Goosen, who was born with cerebral palsy has scaled Kilimanjaro twice in his wheelchair. WOW!

Pemba Island

This island sits off the coast of Tanzania. Most known for its lush, green, rolling hills, it is also quite notable for its collection of clove plantations. The spiced yumminess of East African cuisine is grown here, on the fertile landscape. It has an abundance of colorful, unique marine wildlife within its coral reef that separates the island from mainland. The most populated town, Chake Chake, holds onto ruins from an 18th-century fort. You can visit the museum to learn more about the history of Tanzania. Near the shore, you might have the privilege of spotting the Fischer’s Turaco, a colorful rare bird.

Hamamni Persian Baths

A unique museum experience, The Hamamni Persian Baths were created in the late 1800s. This was a place of luxury where one could bathe in hot tubs and cold tubs; there were shaving rooms and cafes with full restaurants. Today, it might be likened to a country club. Now, a traveler can find herself journeying through the museum, breathing in the resounding vibrations of relaxation and self-care/self-love. The baths are located in Stone Town, Zanzibar, near other museums, historical attractions, and cultural experiences so you could make a day of meander about, learning more about Tanzania.

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While much of Tanzania is filled with fresh markets that would encourage a traveler to buy straight from locals and munch on fresh fruits and vegetables all day, there are petite restaurants available in the mainland. Just be aware that you could go miles and miles without spotting a ‘quick bite’, but you will find fruit stands along the way to make the most perfect salad for a leisurely lunch with mates.

Much of Tanzania still consists of rural areas, so while mom and pop shops might not show up on google when you search ‘restaurants near me’, they do exist; make sure to keep your eyes peeled so you do not miss the tiny gems hidden in rough, rocky terrain.

Some regions in Tanzania have unique cuisine, based upon the movement of culture and people over time. All the same, Tanzania’s mainland does stay truest to the ancient cuisine of the East African nation. With the use of plantains, rice, grilled meats, fresh vegetables, and lots of spice, Tanzanians make magic on a plate.


Most dishes are quite heavy, consisting of stews and long-cooked dishes cultivated with love and warmth felt through each bite. Whether you are visiting the capital of Dodoma or crossing through the landmass toward The Serengeti, there are local shops and markets sprinkled around to fill your cravings. Here, we can tell you about some specific eateries that we believe will satisfy your taste buds.

Ndigwa Restaurant

Located inside of the New Dodoma Hotel, in the Tanzania’s capital city, this space allows a new traveler to enjoy dinner in a place close to the resting point. Although Dodoma is not action filled, there is a good chance you might begin your tour here, so you need to grab a bite! Ndigwa means food in the language of the GoGo people, a Bantu tribe that used to reside in a region near Dodoma. The restaurant serves local cuisine as well as a variety of Indian and American food. Minimalistic, it will get the job done if you must stay a night over.

Discover other restaurants in the area.

To get here: Opposite Dodoma Railway Station, Plot No. 459 Dodoma Municipality

To get in contact: +255 26 2321641

Boma Grill

Moving north, as you make your journey to The Serengeti region, you will find Boma Grill. Since The Serengeti is a large space of open land, there are not too many restaurants near by, so this is one of the most optimal stop after an adventurous safari. Within the Four Seasons Hotel, Boma creates a cultural dining experience, full of vibrance and education. You can watch or be a part of traditional Maasai dancing, around an open-air fire pit, while filling your tummy with delicious, authentic East African cuisine. This would be a nice experience for a solo traveler, a couple, or an entire family. You will eat a rich meal, while enriching your knowledge of this beautiful culture.

To explore the menu.

To get here: Four Seasons Rd, 2002, Tanzania

To get in contact: +255 768 981 981

Papa’s Cafe

Papa’s Cafe is in the northern region of Tanzania, near Lake Victoria. A traveler can actually sit in sight of the lake, while sipping on fresh juice, made each day from their local garden. This cafe doubles as a bungalow-based hotel for people who would like a beautiful place to stay next to the lake. This restaurant fashions itself to have local, authentic cuisine, along with a variety of international foods, and ‘American-sized portions’. They also have a snack menu, if you would like something a little lighter.

Discover more of Papa.

To get here: Magu, Tanzania

To get in contact: +255 786 612 333

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