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Koh Samui

Yoga in Koh Samui

Whether you’re a free-spirited backpacker hoping to drop in on a couple of classes or a committed yogi on a retreat package, Koh Samui has got you covered. The second largest island in Thailand is bursting with stunning beaches, mouth-watering dishes and plenty of places to get your yoga fix.

Your Yoga Guide for Koh Samui

The island continues to be popular with every tourist demographic, which has lead to yoga in Koh Samui being featured on visitors’ itineraries. You know that an island which produces around 2 million coconuts annually is going to have plenty of palm-fringed beaches and turquoise water. Add to that the freshly made curry, endless snorkeling and diving opportunities around the Samui archipelago, and you’ll soon be congratulating yourself for choosing this destination.

Yoga Retreats and Teacher Training in Koh-Samui

8 Days Yoga Holiday
Thailand, Koh Samui


8 Days/7 Nights
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That is why you should do Yoga in Koh Samui?

  • A wide range of activities and accommodation to suit all visitors
  • Great beaches and delicious local cuisine
  • Vibrant yoga and wellness community

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More about Yoga in Koh Samui

With visitors staying for a couple of weeks to several months, the local yoga community has adapted accordingly with various studios offering drop-in classes, as well as short and long-term yoga retreats.

A yoga vacation on Koh Samui can include plenty of other activities. Temples abound in Thailand and they serve as a bright, gold reminder of the importance of the Buddhist faith in this deeply religious country. There are various sights to visit from small, unassuming temples to the grandiose Big Buddha.

If some retail therapy is called for, there are a number of night markets and a long walking street in Bophut where you can pick up some new yoga pants and then revive yourself with a dinner of fresh, local fish.

Because of its size, renting a car or motorbike is the most sensible way to explore the island. A bewildering array of beautiful beaches are easily accessible, and why not drop in on a studio that offers yoga classes to round off your day trip on Koh Samui.

More Infos about Yoga Retreats / Yoga Holidays in Koh Samui

There are a host of venues where you can drop-in for a class or book a yoga holiday on Koh Samui.

The Yogarden is a popular haunt for local yogis and visitors alike. With drop-in classes, a cafe and a range of holistic treatments available, you would be well advised to swing by and check it out.

With their signature yoga retreat offered 365 days a year, Vikasa Yoga is an ideal venue to evolve your practice and reconnect with yourself. A beachfront location and accommodation to suit those looking for both basic and more luxurious surroundings, make it a very tempting proposition.

The Samahatia retreat hosts the renowned Centred Yoga teacher training program which includes a range of yoga education packages for the next generation of instructors.

What Yogis should know about Koh Samui

South East Asia can sometimes be intimidating for vegan and vegetarian visitors as the perception is that meat and seafood are central to most dishes. However, with a bit of research and plenty of patience, you will find that Koh Samui has plenty to keep the plant-based yogi happy and well-fed.

A cornucopia of fresh, tropical fruit is harvested on the island, so the local markets should be your first stop. What’s more, with the growing number of upmarket and budget vegan restaurants and cafes on the island (often attached to a yoga studio), you should find your needs are catered for.