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Yoga in Pukhet

Phuket is the country’s largest island, offering a rich variety of experiences like freediving, snorkeling, swimming and other holistic pleasures. Most resorts in Phuket provide yoga classes, as well as yoga retreat programs that are held in different sites, beaches, capes or natural jungles.

Your Yoga Guide for Phuket

If you are looking to enjoy yourself, while also participating in self-care and do Yoga in Phuket there are plenty of yoga holidays and retreats on the island where you can enjoy great weather, eat plenty of tropical fruits, meet friendly people, and more importantly, enjoy romantic white sand beaches.

Yoga Retreats and Teacher Training in Phuket

200 Hr. Ashtanga Teacher Training course
Thailand, Phuket


Holistic Yoga Teacher Training Thailand
Thailand, Phuket


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More yoga retreats in Thailand

6 Days Museflower Spa Getaway
Thailand, Chiang Rai


6 Days / 5 Nights
8 Days Museflower Spa Getaway
Thailand, Chiang Rai


8 Days/7 Nights
4 Days Museflower Yoga Petreat Package
Thailand, Chiang Rai


4 Days /3 Nights
6 Days Museflower Yoga retreat
Thailand, Chiang Rai


6 Days / 5 Nights

More About Yoga Retreats / Yoga Holidays in Phuket

No matter what kind of health benefits you are looking for, yoga classes and holidays in Phuket are designed based on specific purposes of individuals and implemented for mixed level yogis.

One week or long-term yoga retreats and programs are almost always available in every single resort and retreat centers. Thai massage, Thai cooking courses and nutritional programs established by special dieticians. Different from yoga programs in other places, you will always find 2 major themes of yoga retreat programs here – weight loss and healthy aging.

If you are looking for an authentic detox experience, there are also wellness centers right next to the beach, where you can discover and explore your true self while working with dedicated staff at your own pace.

Infos about Yoga Teacher Trainings in Phuket

If you are a yogi who is craving the beach plus detox juices, Phuket would be one of the best options for you. Yoga teacher training programs are offered on-site in almost all resorts which suit both beginners and experienced yogis.

There are always on site cafe or restaurants which cater needs of the students who are Vegetarian or Vegan. For those who are looking for a more peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in Phuket, you will find resorts offering luxury villa-style accommodations that are surrounded by beautiful beaches, viewpoints, and temples.

The most common training courses are 200 hour Hatha Vinyasa yoga teacher training and 300-hour advanced intensive yoga teacher training that focuses mainly on HathaVinyasa, Yin and Therapeutic Yoga.

What Yogis should know about Phuket

In Phuket, some studios focus on the mind-body system; where you will be working on your spiritual maturity, instead of focusing on just physical growth. An emotional detox will let go of your negative patterns and improve the qualities of life, and how you perceive yourself and others. If you are looking forward to building up a healthy sense of yourself, then Phuket will be the best place for you to cultivate your positive qualities.

Not only you can find classic juice detox programs, there are also raw food and emotional detoxes offered in some resorts, you will also find the freshest fruits and vegetables here.

That is why you should do Yoga in Phuket?

  • Beginner-friendly yoga classes that effectively relieve stress and minimize the risk of injury
  • More personalized approach and program based on the physical condition and strength level of individuals
  • Top-notch facilities and various consultations

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