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United States

Yoga in the USA

Endless coastlines, vast open spaces, culturally diverse cities, the land opportunity! America, where dreams and innovations are born and harnessed. Cocktails on the beaches in Florida or skiing in the rocky mountains, the USA has it all, also for yogis.

Your Yoga Guide for USA

Yoga in the US has been rapidly developing and increasing in popularity since introduced by Swami Vivekananda at Chicago’s world fair in 1893. Fast forward to today, yoga studios are popping up on every corner and retreats have never been more accessible or luxurious.

Whether you are living in the US and searching for a quick yoga class before work or you are looking to get back to nature for a time of meditation, you’ll have no issue finding a place that suits you. Whether in New York, the economic center, practicing asanas on the rooftops above the clouds or taking teacher training in a famous studio in Los Angeles you’ll never find a lack of things to do.

America is the land of opportunity and if you want quiet reprise on the beach or a city break you will find it here.

Teacher Trainings in United States

200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training in New England
United States, Hillsborough


200 Hr. Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training
United States, Hawaii (Pahoa)


Yoga Retreats in United States

3 Days Life in the Heart in California
United States, Ben Lomond


4 Days Moab Women’s Campout Yoga retreat
United States, Moab


3 Days Joshua Tree Campout Yoga retreat
United States, Joshua Tree National Park


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Why you should do Yoga in the USA?

  • Cultural diversity
  • Home to world famous teachers
  • Many destinations and landscapes to choose from
  • Large international cities

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Good to know before traveling to the USA

What to explore in the US

What to eat as a yogi in the US

Yoga Classes in US

The best Yoga Destinations in United States

Yoga in New York City:

Broadway shows, shopping, great food and enough art and cultural events to keep you on the go. If on a quick city break, you’ll have the chance to take classes from renowned gurus and even the creators of the Jivamukti method of yoga. There is a reason this city never sleeps because there is just too much to be done, but after a long day of sightseeing, you can unwind with a calming meditation session with a welcoming community of other yogis.

Yoga in Los Angeles:

Eye-catching cityscapes, bustling beaches, and iconic sights as far as the eye can see. The yoga scene in Los Angeles is as big as the city itself and has been growing since Indra Devi opened L.A.’s first studio in 1947. The glamour and charisma of the city may make you never want to leave, which is okay since you’ll have access to many free yoga classes/events, loads of culture, arts, and dining experiences which compete only with the panoramic views.

Yoga in Miami:

Brickell to Bar Harbour you’ll never be far from a cocktail on the beach or a chic yoga studio. Wake up on South Beach and watch the cruise ships pass while practicing your asanas at sunrise. Miami exudes excitement and hosts cultures from all over the world. You can take a yoga workshop in Miami over the weekend or catch a quick Bikram class before exploring art galleries in Wynwood. With great weather year round, lots to do and a strong yogi community Miami is not to be missed.

New York City

Los Angeles


San Diego