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Meander through monkey-filled forests and ancient temples in Bali

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Meander through monkey-filled forests and ancient temples in Bali

To really get to know India you have to become a part of it. Visit iconic points, meet the people, walk the streets, get a little lost, and let yourself experience the childlike wonder that comes with being somewhere new and unfamiliar. With so many fun things to do in India, take advantage of your time between yoga classes and participate in one of the many interesting activities found throughout the city.

We have researched and reviewed the best places to visit and the top things to do in India. Whether you are a fan of the hustle and bustle of city life or prefer a calm park or garden, we have you covered. Read on for a guide of cool things to do in India.

Sacred Monkey Forest

For those who like monkeys, the Sacred Monkey Forest is not to be missed! The goal of this 30-acre forest is to bring people in harmony with nature and spirituality, as well as a conservation effort to preserve the forest and the monkey habitat. There is also a temple here that was built in 14th century. The staff is helpful in taking photos for visitors and making sure everyone is safe.

There are some pretty serious rules here to keep visitors safe. They are posted all around the forest. Be sure to keep sunglasses, phones and water bottles in a bag or somewhere secure as the monkeys are known to take them. Also, avoid looking the monkeys in the eye as this is a sign of aggression.

To discover more on the Monkey Forest.

Sekumpul Waterfall

Some would say this is the best waterfall in all of Bali. About two hours drive away from Ubdud, this waterfall has two cascading streams that land in a swimming hole. Be prepared for a bit of walking to get to and from the waterfall – but it is worth it! Visitors can explore on their own or hire a guide (if you do this, remember to bargain).

Pura Titra Empul

There are over 20,000 temples on the island of Bali alone. They are sacred sites built for ceremonies. The carved stone architecture is a sight to behold. Pura Titra Empul is a water purification temple. The temple has drawn people for over a thousand years, to take part in the water cleansing ritual, where 12 fresh spring water fountains fill pools with sacred water and koi fish. Ask one of the staff to tell you the proper method to the purification ceremony. Sarongs are required so bring one if you have one.

Attend a traditional Balinese Dance

The dancers are experts and their dedication is clear in their performances. There are a few variations of the traditional dance to experience, including the Ramayana, Mahabarata and Kecak. The costumes are elaborate and the music is set with mens’ voices and drums. Tickets are usually available just before the show begins at a venue of your choice.

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