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Moroccan from the coast to the desert

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Moroccan from the coast to the desert

Every region has its own breath in Morocco. Each place is eclectic with culture infusions of the most unsuspecting variety. This is a tapestry of a country, that has delicately woven in European, African, Native Berber and Arabian culture. In some northern spaces, Spanish influence dances around the borders.

Morocco has been settled in, inhabited,colonialized, fought over, and traveled through for thousands of years. With diversity, be aware that each city holds its own unique personality. This can drain even the most energetic traveler, so take your time and learn to flow with the direction of the wind. It will benefit you immensely when touring across the rich nation.

Hassan II Mosque

This beautiful Mosque sits on the edge of the sea, in the metropolitan city, Casablanca. It towers over the huge city, creating a sense of protection, love, and brotherhood/sisterhood. It is tiled with mosaic design, leaving a lasting imprint of magnificence and wonder. It can be toured, as it is one of the only mosques in Africa that allow such excess to people of all religions and spiritual practices. It is a space of history, education, and expanding knowledge. If you are in the city, it is truly a must see by the sea.

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Majorelle Garden

Sitting on two and a half acres, it is a magical, colorful space bustling with botanicals. Inviting you in, it is a space for relaxation, admiration, creativity, and art. Jacques Morjorelle, a french painter, took 40 years of her life in enchanted creation of the garden; it is a symbolism of consciousness, mindfulness, and true patience. Birds, bugs, and other wildlife will come to gather, taking refuge in this beautiful space. If you are traveling to or through Marrakech, give it a gaze.

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Ouzoud Falls

Located just 150 km outside of Marrakech, this is a space for a genuine nature lover. Without any metropolitan cities in earshot, one can hear the flowing water, look onto gorgeous greenery, and look at unique wildlife. Ouzoud meaning ‘grinding grain’ in Berber, this is a space where tribal natives once dwelled. As you can imagine, there are cascading waterfalls rippling over rocky cliffs, merging one into another. One can imagine a day in the life of people living off of the beautiful land, enjoying pure water, and sweet serenity.

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