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Our Favorite Dishes from Piquant Portugal

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Our Favorite Dishes from Piquant Portugal

Travelling to Portugal is often done for the weather and the geography, and travelers are usually not visiting this coastal country with gastronomic intents. Despite being relatively unrecognized internationally, Portugal is truly a country of great eats! The closeness to the Atlantic ocean, as well as the countries great status as an international trading empire, means that Portuguese food features an abundance of delicious seafood and spices. The area is also great for grape production, meaning a huge array of delicious wines are available. We think visitors will be happily surprised with the food when they visit Portugal, and think these are some of the top foods that they should try!

Cozido à Portuguesa
Cozido is the Portuguese word meaning stew, and Cozido a Portuguesa is a traditional, decadent Portuguese stew full of meat and vegetables. This stew can be made many different ways, and each region of Portugal has its own version. Chicken, pork, beef and sausage can all be the meat used, and vegetables may include carrots, potato, turnips, cabbage, beans, and rice. This is definitely a great way to get a taste of homecooked Portuguese food when you’re travelling!

Caldo Verde
Another hearty Portuguese classic, Caldo Verde literally means green broth. This traditionally vegetarian dish is usually served steaming hot and made of potatoes, collard greens, olive oil and salt. It’s often served for holidays and special occaisions, and can be a great way to warm up during Portugal’s wet winters.

Rojões à Moda do Minho
This dish, originating from the Minho Province in the North of Portugal, is made from cubed pigs leg, and is known for its distinct color. It is usually served with a side of rice and lemon to accompany it.

Bacalhau à Bras
This is a truly delicious fish dish that is famous in Bairro Alto, a district of Lisbon. Bacalhau a Bras is made by thinly slicing cod strips and potato strips, fried together and held by fried eggs. It is often topped with local black olives, and is a truly great local taste of the sea in Portugal!

Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato
Another delicious seafood dish is Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato, a dish consisting of steamed clams topped in coriander, olive oil and garlic. A beautifully light dish, this will food will have you coming back to Portugal for more.

Portuguese Wine
Although it’s not technically a food, we feel that any traveler who enjoys wine needs to try some when they visit Portugal, a country that is widely known for its excellent wine quality. There are so many different flavors and types to choose from, that we would be hard pressed to touch on them all here, but some favorites are, of course Portuguese Port, as well as Vinho Verde. Going on a wine tasting in Portugal will definitely be a highlight for any wine lover!

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