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Yoga in Brussels A flaneurs paradise, life moves a little slower in Brussels and many like it that way. Sit in a cafe and indulge in waffles doused in chocolate, then wander the streets and take in the art and architectural wonders. Your Yoga Guide for Brussels Yoga in Brussels is a splendid idea, from its [...]
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Yoga in Belgium Historic and hip, elegant and grand. Belgium could be called many things but one word that holds true is exquisite. From the rolling countryside to the traditional pubs, that offer a sweet escape on cold winter nights. Belgium captivates even the most seasoned travelers. Your Yoga Guide for Belgium If you take [...]
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Yoga in Zurich Zurich is one of the cities with the best quality of life in the world. Not only does the city have a beautiful lake, and a stunning old architecture, but also an exciting food scene and vibrant nightlife – the choice of yoga studios is growing larger and larger. Your Yoga Guide [...]
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Yoga in Switzerland Switzerland is one of the most idyllic countries in the world. With beautiful architecture in its little cities, cold rivers, clear lakes, and mountains it is tempting to practice yoga in Switzerland’s nature to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the breathtaking view. Your Yoga Guide for Switzerland Yoga in Switzerland has [...]
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Vancouver city center Canada


Yoga in Vancouver Vancouver, a bustling west coast seaport and one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse cities. A popular filming location surrounded by mountains, a thriving art scene, theatre and many music venues. The wellness community in Vancouver takes pride in their health and on sunny days, it seems the whole city is outside enjoying [...]
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Yoga in Denmark From the rolling hills of the countryside to the refreshing sea breeze, Denmark exudes tranquility. Whether you call the bike laden streets of Copenhagen home or a small village along the sea, you will never want to leave this breathtaking nation. Your Yoga Guide for Denmark Denmark is Scandinavia’s greatest little kingdom, [...]
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Yoga in Copenhagen As you ride your bike along the canals the colorful buildings and sailboats quickly become a familiar sight. Whether backpacking your way to your next adventure or taking the family out of town Copenhagen is a great destination to get away from it all. Art, food, and culture as far as the [...]
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Toronto City Center


Yoga in Toronto Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, with over 180 languages spoken and little pockets of international citizens like; Little Italy, Portugal, and Greece; the city also attracts over 40 million tourists a year! Yoga in this city is innovative and powerful, with a thriving community connection. Your [...]
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Yoga in Amsterdam With yoga studios in every neighborhood, an abundance of vegan and vegetarian dining options, and pedestrian-friendly streets; Amsterdam is a great place to get back to your yoga practice. Get started today with our yoga guide to the best studios and shalas offering classes and yoga workshops. Your Yoga Guide for Amsterdam [...]
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Yoga in Canada Canada’s vast land consists of amazing cityscapes, mountains, lakes, National Parks and famous attractions. Many major cities like Toronto and Montreal are making yoga one of their main focuses of tourism; with Vancouver already being home to some of Canada’s most advanced and largest yoga studios. Your Yoga Guide for Canada No [...]
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Montreal City Center


Yoga in Montreal Montreal holds some of the country’s best yoga events, from full out yoga conferences with celebrity musicians, to local festivals, and inspirational speakers. The city comes alive at night with artists from all over the world, who just adore this French-speaking Canadian city. Your Yoga Guide for Montreal This guide about Yoga in [...]
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Yoga in London Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, British Museum; this is the yoga destination for those who prefer a sophisticated and classy city! Yoga Festivals are abounding and classes span across the center of London. After some yoga and sound meditation, settle down in one of London’s many parks or gardens with a good book [...]
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Yoga in Jordan Explore one of the most beautiful deserts in the world while surrendering yourself to silence in meditation, and clearing your mind while resting under the stars in Jordan. Your Yoga Guide for Jordan Have you ever had a distraction-free holiday before? Yoga in Jordan will take you on a healing journey through time and [...]
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Yoga in Maldives The Maldives are a vast chain of islands that has everything from bustling cities to uninhabited utopia, providing the perfect escape. The sand is as white as snow and will take your breath away, and just wait till you plunge into the colorful world below the Indian Ocean. Your Yoga Guide for [...]
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