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Plant-based and beyond in the United Kingdom

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Plant-based and beyond in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom consists of 4 different countries, all of which have their own spin on UK cuisine. Similarly, all nations belonging to the UK have a history of cooking up ‘comforting’ foods. With the usual chill in grey skies, most meals are traditionally hearty, full-flavored, and steamy hot.

If you are a meat lover, try some of these countries’ most beloved dishes, as it truly is a cultural experience. Fish n’ chips, Sunday roasts, meat pies, haggies, and full english breakfast will give a visitor the truest taste of culture.

There is a vegetarian/vegan movement taking hold of the United Kingdom. With local shops opening across each country, people are enjoying the evolution in cuisine choice. For travelers avoiding the ‘bangers and mash’, rest assure, you will have plenty of delicious, alternative options.

Crumbs Kitchen

Crumbs Kitchen is located in Wales; there are two locations in both Cardiff and Swansea. If you find yourself here, meandering through the old cities, you might want to wander into this (mostly) vegetarian cafe. Their specialities consist of 3-bean chilli and mushroom curry over brown rice. Perfect for a quick lunch or a dinner out with the family, make sure you visit them if you are traveling through town. If you want to enjoy a traditional UK ‘pie’, they offer a variety of different types, depending upon the day. This might be a chance to enjoy one of the classics with a vegetarian twist!

Explore the menu.

Global Tribe Cafe

Seen as more than ‘just a restaurant’ in Leeds, Global Tribe Cafe boasts itself as a safe space for positivity and community spirit. In maintaining this vision, anyone, from any background, walk-of-life, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion is welcomed in this space to commune. As a traveler, this is a safe haven, for peace, love, and good food!

As for food, anything you would imagine, made vegetarian or vegan. The menu is extensive; there are many choices for breakfast, as well as sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, and soups. They too have seasonal pies.

Check out the menu, then pay them a visit.


From humble beginnings in Bristol, Poco has expanded to a well-awarded sustainable mecca. There is a second location in London, as well, so you can grab a bite if you are in ‘the big city’. Poco has been recognized for their best practices in sourcing local food, supporting community, creating seasonally, introducing new recycling practices, and providing organic wines. Bristol had never seen something quite like this before.

With that, their (mostly) plant-based menu is delicious, as every morsel holds consciousness. Mostly serving small plates, there is something from the meat-eater and veg head, alike. With talented chefs, there are additional specials eternally on the horizon with their commitment to minimal food.

Explore Poco.

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