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Playa Coyote Has the Perfect Mix of Activities for your Next Relaxing Vacation

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Playa Coyote Has the Perfect Mix of Activities for your Next Relaxing Vacation

Playa Coyote is the perfect place for travel if you’re seeking rest and relaxation. Though this remote beach might not have the same level of late-night excitement as nearby cities like San José, it more than makes up for it with its bustling wildlife, its spotless white sands, and its crystalline waters. A trip to Playa Coyote gives you many options to unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We’ve gathered together some of the most loved activities at Playa Coyote which are sure to leave you longing for your next vacation there.

See a Turtle at The Caletas-Ario Wildlife Refuge

Caletas-Ario has been designated one of the most important habitats for four different species of turtle, including the endangered Leatherback turtle of Costa Rica which can grow to the size of a small car! During nesting season (usually July through October) you can spot these turtles repeatedly coming and leaving the beach to leave their eggs, or maybe even get lucky enough to see the eggs spawn and watch hundreds of baby turtles make their way towards the water! We advise taking a guide with you to this wildlife refuge, however, because there are some reports of danger to tourists travelling by themselves.

Discover Beautiful Mangroves from a Kayak

Close to Playa Coyote is a beautiful mangrove forest that is accessible by kayak. You can enjoy a wonderful guided kayak tour through this forest, where the guides will highlight the different bird and tree species you encounter.

Swim in Beautiful Tidal Pools

Close to Playa Coyote are a series of lava-formed tidal pools which host an amazing ecosystem of fish and other sea life. You can walk around and even swim in these tidal pools.

Find the Milky Way in the Untouched Night Sky

Due to the remoteness of Playa Coyote, there is almost no light pollution. That makes this location the perfect place to go stargazing on a clear night. Wrapped in a blanket on the still-warm beaches, lay back and watch the universe spread out above you, realizing how uncountable the number of stars above you is.

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