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Ready to Press the Reset Button?

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Ready to Press the Reset Button?

Every time I open my Facebook I see a new juice detox program being promoted and all the weight loss benefits that result from said cleanse. –3 kilos in 3 days? Ugh, yes please! But a juice cleanse can be so much more than that. It is a chance to start fresh, to press the reset button not only within your body but within your mind. After all, shouldn’t you know what you are truly detoxing from?

Detoxing of the mind is just as important. While on a juice cleanse ask yourself the following questions: What do you need to detox from? What do you need less of in our life? Why is there so much pollution in your mind? How can we find the balance?

I think the real things that we need to detox from are our negative thoughts and feelings. Those dark feelings of anxiety, guilt, fear and jealousy that consume our minds. These emotions are directly linked to how we eat, what we eat and when we eat. Healing is not a one dimensional process. In order to really take as much as you can from a juice detox focus on yourself as a whole. Take some time to journal your thoughts and feelings through out the days. Try to find some clarity and immerse yourself in the moment. The mind is what you need to be looking out for because it is the mind that takes you into the dark places and it is the mind that can take you towards the light. Come back to the breath. The breath is where it starts. Control your breathing, control your mind. Exhale the toxins and inhale the light.

Remember this is a time for you. Take some time to do a yoga flow, go for a brisk walk or simply take a nice soothing bath. Be excited by what is happening in your life, find gratitude and stop being so hard on yourself!

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