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Relax on the beach or climb up cliffs: Grand Canary has it all

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Relax on the beach or climb up cliffs: Grand Canary has it all

The Grand Canary Islands are situated away from mainland Spain; it boasts near-perfect temperatures all year. For little islands, they have magnificent landscape and subtropical greenery. There are dream-colored lava fields and lush rolling plains. The island appeals to the active yogi, with chances for scuba-diving, kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, swimming, hiking and of course relaxing on the beach.

Although it is as one, the Grand Canary Islands are made up of seven different islands, all of different shapes and sizes. It is also situated just over 60 miles from North Africa, making an expansive adventure easily accessible. If you want to island hop the entire trip, there is more than enough to do so.

The Grand Canary Islands




Festivals and Celebrations

  • Early February: This festival is celebrates the almond trees that are in bloom during this time of year. Celebrated on a large scale in Tejeda and Valsequillo, this festival gives people the chance to taste local produce, such as almond wines and sweets. First born out of gratitude for the almond blooms, people carry the tradition along, in an evolved way. Natives also share in and enjoy traditional folk dancing and singing.
  • February: On the islands, carnival is celebrated in nearly every city. If you desire the most exuberant, most elaborate celebrations, make your way to Las Palmas, San Bartolomé, Maspalomas, Agüimes, Agaete or Telde; each having their own trademark carnival festivities. Dressing up in colorful costumes, dancing and singing are mainly what carnival is all about. Some people love carnival so much they travel around the island to follow the festivities – there is always a great party atmosphere and much to see.
  • December 13th (Día de Santa Lucía) : This winter festival combines Swedish and Canarian traditions and is principally celebrated in Santa Lucía de Tirajana in the southwest of the island.

Keep in Mind

In this region of Spain, the temperature is hot nearly all year around, so make sure to bring a bathing suite, shorts, and tank tops. All the same, you should still have cover ups, jackets, and windbreakers as it can get chilly at night.

Must See Places

Fuerteventura is the second largest of the islands known for its white-sand beaches, cliffs, and cloves. It is a perfect place for people who enjoy water sports– surfing, waterskiing, and windsurfing. It is an enjoyable space to relax and read a book. Right on the beach, you will have some of the best seafood in the Europe, as everything is fresh from the sea. You will also find vegetarian food available on the island, for all of you non-meat-eating yogis!

Another notable island is Tenerife, off the coast of West Africa. It is home to the tallest peak in all of Spain, so if you enjoy long, challenging hikes, give it a visit. Being the largest island with the most space, many festivals take place here. Here, you might be  able to experience black sand beaches for the first time. Whether you feel at home in flippers, stilettos, bare feet or hiking boots, pack a bag and go visit!

La Gomera also has black sand beaches; it exists as the second smallest of the entire Grand Canaries. On this island, you will find more trails and chances to climb. In some parts, the beach is a hanging cliff, and most of the forests grow green fern covered with massive amounts of moss.

Soak up the sun, while climbing up a mountain in the Canaries. Do not forget some sunscreen to protect your beautiful skin.

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