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Forrest Yoga

Forrest Yoga is ideal for people who sit and think a lot or are under a lot of pressure, but also for those who want to get more quality of life and inner peace. Forrest Yoga is about healing and leads you back to yourself.

Your Forrest Yoga Practice

Forrest Yoga is a modern, powerful and emotional yoga style founded 40 years ago by Ana T. Forrest in the USA. The founder mastered her own traumas and life experiences through this yoga style. Forrest Yoga is based on traditional hatha yoga, adapted to western lifestyle. In Forrest yoga, you hold asanas longer than in other flow styles and do a lot of abdominal core work. Forrest Yoga emphasizes the connection to one’s own feelings in order to overcome physical and emotional traumas.

The goal of practice is to release physical, emotional and mental blockages and to overcome limiting behavioral patterns while strengthening deep muscles. Forrest yoga is referred to as body psychotherapy to heal human disharmony.

Forrest Yoga Classes and Workshops

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Drop in at Yogarise Peckham

Units B2.1 & B1.2 The Bussey Building 133 Rye Lane London SE15 4ST


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Intro offer at Yogarise Peckham

Units B2.1 & B1.2 The Bussey Building 133 Rye Lane London SE15 4ST


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60 min Drop in Class at Yoke

Unit 3a, Stamford Works . Gillett Square . Dalston . N16 8JH


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Drop in Class at MoreYoga London

2 Bayham Street, London, UK


Forrest Yoga Retreats and Teacher Trainings

What is Forrest Yoga?

Forrest Yoga is based on four principles: Breath, spirit, integrity, and strength.

Breath: In Forrest yoga, you constantly breathe strong Ujjayi to bring new oxygen to the body and regenerate the cells. You want to stretch the tissues and direct your consciousness there.

Strength: Intensive core work and long-held asanas generate heat and strengthen the senses. The aim is to recognize limitations and patterns, to acknowledge the desires of the heart and to act accordingly. It’s about getting rid of everything that hinders us, such as addictions, lies, unhealthy patterns or disabling perspectives.

Integrity: Aim is to develop tools to digest physical and mental injuries and to overcome fears. Every Asana should be adapted to the individual physical and emotional state.

Spirit: Forrest Yoga wants to encourage you to reconnect with yourself and step on your personal path that you truly desire and not live someone else’s life or fulfill someone else’s expectations.

A regular Forrest yoga class usually begins with Pranayama, followed by sitting postures and abdominal work and then moves into sun salutations, standing and inverted asanas, bridges, and more demanding asanas. The practice ends after 45, 60 or even 120 minutes with Savasana.

Information about Forrest Teacher Trainings

How and where can I become a Forrest Yoga Teacher?

If you want to become a Forrest Yoga Teacher you can start with the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training. It is a detailed training designed by the founder to prepare you to teach Forrest Yoga. There are five levels for future Forrest Yoga teachers to absolve. The first level is to Complete the 200-hour FYFTT, followed by the Complete Level 2 Homework, the Complete Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program (FYMP) and Continuing Education for Effective Coaching and Teaching, the 300-hr Forrest Yoga Teacher Training to the Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher: Guardianship.

Depending on the level you want to absolve the Forrest Yoga teacher training are taking place in Berlin, London, Seoul, the US, Canada or Bali.

Information about Forrest Yoga Retreats

Forrest Yoga also offers Yoga Retreats such as the Shine Your Light Forrest Yoga and Ceremony Retreat in North Wales with Forrest Yoga sessions and shamanic ceremonies for you to unblock and come back to radiance. Or you join a eight day retreat at Warica in Mexico, located within the Huasteca Mountains to practice yoga with Ana Forrest herself.