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Power Yoga

Power yoga is a dynamic and strengthening yoga style that unites the body, mind, and soul with a focus on flexibility, strength, endurance, cardiovascular, but also balance and coordination.

Your Power Yoga Practice

Power Yoga is a yoga style founded by the American yogi Bryan Kest. It is often misunderstood as a simple physical practice, but really the aim is to give you more power and happiness in your daily life when off the mat, both mentally and physically. The classical Power Yoga is a Vinyasa flow composed of elements of the first row from Ashtanga Yoga.

Power Yoga Classes and Workshops

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Yoga at Golden Gym

Bir Rami, Kenitra


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5 Yoga classes at Yoga Singapore

Petain Road, Singapore


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Drop-in yoga class at LAVA Yoga Singapore

East Coast Road, Lava Yoga Singapore @ 112 Katong, Singapore


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Private Yoga Class at Karma Yoga Dubai

Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Power Yoga Teacher Trainings

200 Hr. Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training
India, Dharamsala, Rishikesh


Multi-style 300 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training
India, Rishikesh


Power Yoga Retreats

5 Days Luxury Yoga Retreat Marrakesh, Morocco
Morocco, Marrakesh


5 Days 4 Nights
7 Days Luxury Yoga Retreat Marrakesh, Morocco
Morocco, Marrakesh


7 Days/6 Nights

What is Power Yoga?

If you are looking for a less spiritual yoga style, or are new to yoga and want to explore it’s physical side first, then Power Yoga is your ideal tool. Most teachers don’t use Sanskrit and don’t include breathing techniques or meditation into their classes and very rarely you will find Power Yoga classes where you sing mantras or talk about yoga philosophy. Instead of saying it is a non-spiritual practice though you can see this style as a perfect opportunity for the western world to get to know yoga and its physical benefits.

The fact that most Power Yoga classes don’t include spiritual practices doesn’t mean that the Power Yoga teachers are superficial fitness yogis. Most of them learned under strict Indian yogis and gurus.

Information about Power Yoga Teacher Trainings

How and where can I become a Power Yoga Teacher? What certifications are available?

If you want to become a Power Yoga Teacher it is recommended to do the teacher training with Bryan Kest, so that you can be sure you learn the classic Power Yoga techniques and get a Power Yoga Certification. You can do a Teacher Training & Yoga Practice Immersion with Bryan Kest in Altamonte, Florida in Graz, Austria or Laguna Niguel, California. It takes 40 hours and is open for students, non-teachers, and teachers.
Other popular destinations for Power Yoga Teacher Training are also in Costa Rica, Indonesia, and Thailand. But be aware: Because Power Yoga is not a protected name you will also find yoga classes that are not including Ashtanga Elements into their practices but just use Power Yoga as a workout method.

Information about Power Yoga Retreats

When you want to practice Power Yoga, expect to sweat. It is a dynamic practice with less focus on the spiritual path and more on the physical. Power Yoga though will let you experience yourself through your body.

There are many destinations that offer Power Yoga Retreats worldwide, such as:

Thailand: Thailand is a popular destination for yogis. Thailand’s landscape is amazing, prices are cheap, and the food is delicious. Islands like Koh Phangan have big yoga communities and yoga retreat options where you can dive deep into your yoga practice and indulge yourself.

India: India is popular for Yoga Teacher Training, but also yoga retreats because it is the birthplace of yoga. Whether you want to practice the traditional yoga styles or want to sweat in Vinyasa or Power Yoga: India offers everything the yogic heart could wish for.

Mexico: In Mexico, you can join yoga retreats created by the founder of Power Yoga, Bryan Kest, himself. The Retreat takes place at the Amansala Resort in beautiful Tulum.