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Our breathing is intimately connected with our mind. Therefore, to calm and balance what happens in your head you must first regulate your breathing. This is what Pranayama Yoga is all about.

Your Pranayama Practice

Pranayama is a discipline with origins in ancient India and it is the fourth of the eight members of yoga. Prana refers to breathing and Ayama means stretching. It is the control, the harmonization, and the integration of prana through the regulation of the breath.

Pranayama Classes and Workshops

Pranayama Retreats

What is Pranayama ?

Pranayama consists of inhalations known as Puraka Pranayama, exhalations or Rechaka Pranayama and retention of breath, Kumbakha Pranayama. Its practice also uses bandhas or locks that are postures in which certain muscles are made tense to intensify the stages of Pranayama. The practice of Pranayama regenerates the body cells, increases well being and help to heal. By focusing on breathing, the mind calms down and opens up. Another important benefit is the development of the ability to concentrate, which helps one to relax. It removes negative thoughts and emotions, providing a sense of inner peace and harmony.

Information about Pranayama Teacher Trainings

A Pranayama Teacher Training will help you to gain a deeper insight of Pranayama knowledge in form of practice, yogic philosophy, anatomy, physiology and teaching methodology. Such a training is designed to prepare individuals either beginners or intermediate, to deliver professional meditation instructions to their clients, patients, family, or in general. Depending on your level you have for example a 50 hours training in the Himalayas, a 21 days Pranayama Teacher Training in Rishikesh, and there are also 7-month training options that involve conference calls every week and weekend workshops throughout the training.

Information about Pranayama Retreats

If you decide to join a Pranayama Yoga Retreat you can expect a high-quality yoga teaching and a personalized experience. Additionally, learning how to understand and correct unhelpful breathing patterns, to breathe more efficiently, and to develop a better concentration. During a Pranayama Yoga Retreat, you will have the opportunity to deepen your practice, expand your knowledge and integrate your experience. Most of the retreats are of one-week duration, and locations include Ireland, India, Thailand, Portugal or Greece.