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SUP Yoga

The current rocks you softly, you breathe in and shift into warrior pose. You balance your alignment with focus so intense nothing could throw you off. As you watch the sunset on the bay, you start to think “who knew yoga could get better?”.

Your SUP Yoga Practice

SUP (Stand-up paddleboard) Yoga is a newer style of yoga that emerged in the last decade or so. With so many enthusiasts into both sports, it only made sense to combine them for a better workout. This has led to a surge of practitioners swearing by SUP Yoga, and its benefits that supersede traditional classes. If you love the water and practicing asanas, create a new connection with mother earth and yourself, and take a SUP Yoga class.

SUP Yoga Classes and Workshops

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Drop in class at Om Yoga Casablanca

2 Rue Du Golfe Du Comores, Casablanca, Morocco


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Intro 1 week unlimited at Om Yoga Casablanca

2 Rue Du Golfe Du Comores, Casablanca, Anfa, Morocco


SUP Yoga Retreats

7 Day Gypsy Yoga Retreat In Colombia
Colombia, Santa Marta


8 Days Idolem Yoga Retreat
Saint Martin, Mont-Vernon


What is SUP Yoga?

SUP (Stand-up paddleboard) Yoga is a form of yoga, usually a mix of Hatha and Vinyasa, with stand-up paddleboard surfing. You may wonder what’s the point? The benefits of this type of yoga are aplenty more than your normal practice. SUP can be quite a challenge on its own, but adding yoga takes it to a whole new level. You will engage your core more than normal, increase balance, coordination and gain a can-do attitude to get back up and try again if you fall in. Most practitioners think that SUP yoga is the best form of yoga and meditation as it requires a very focused mind. SUP is said to originate in Hawaii in the 1940’s where waves were surfed standing up on a 10-12 foot board with a larger width and depth than other surfboards, though its roots are said to go back further. SUP yoga tends to be practiced on any calm body of water, such as a lake or bay, though can be done in the ocean as well on a still day.

Why should you practice SUP Yoga?

If practicing yoga on solid earth no longer excites you and you want to face a new challenge then now may be the time to take your practice to the water. Not only does SUP Yoga offer all the benefits of regular yoga such as decreased stress, mental clarity, and increased flexibility, but it’s also a great opportunity to get outdoors and watch the sunrise or sunset on the bay. If you are new to yoga it can be a fun way to get started or introduce a friend in a less rigorous environment than the studio. If your practice has been stagnating lately, SUP yoga can break you out of that from the start of your first class as you engage new muscles, learn to align yourself while balancing, and have a splash if you don’t stay centered. SUP Yoga will increase your focus and allow you to regulate your breath and experience all the fun of yoga in a whole new way.

Information about SUP Yoga Teacher Trainings

How and where can I become a SUP Yoga Teacher? What certifications are available?

Do you love yoga and are also passionate about the water? Take the next step in continuing your yoga education and become a certified SUP Yoga instructor. SUP Yoga is a hot trend among fitness enthusiasts and you are sure to have a wide range of opportunities abroad or at home as an instructor. Even if you do not intend to teach this is a great opportunity to take your practice to the next level. SUP teacher training courses require a 200-hour yoga teacher and first aid/CPR certification prior to enrollment. Certifications range from 25-40 hours and take less than a week to finish. Though not required, it is highly recommended that you have some experience already with Stand-up paddleboarding as you will be learning how to maneuver the board, board anchoring, first aid, safety and SUP Yoga styles.

SUP Yoga is gaining popularity around the world, though the highest concentration of teacher training courses is currently being offered in North and South America.

Top SUP teacher training destinations:

  1. San Diego, United States
  2. Montreal, Canada
  3. Canggu, Bali
  4. Tulum, Mexico
  5. Aruba