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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa, often times referred to as “Vinyasa Flow” is one of the most popular yoga styles in the contemporary yoga scene, and was born from the ever popular Ashtanga Yoga. The word Vinyasa is a Sanskrit term meaning “connection” and that is the true essence of this lineage.

Your Vinyasa Yoga Practice

In a Vinyasa class each movement is breath linked, so each flow synchronizes the breath and the asana together. Every Vinyasa class will be different from one another, as each teacher has a unique style and offering. Classes can include a trendy playlist, advanced postures or a fast-paced flow.

Vinyasa Yoga Classes and Workshops

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings

Vinyasa Yoga Retreats

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa Yoga is amazing on the joints and large muscle groups, as it truly is a full body workout. As the instructor leads you through a slow-paced warm up, more often than not you will start to follow a theme; most likely involving a chakra connection or a section of the body.

There are truly no rules with Vinyasa yoga with the predictable routine as no two classes will be the same.

In a Vinyasa flow class both breathing are movement are combined which results in the transitioning of asanas specifically aligned when inhaling and exhaling. As one of the more contemporary styles of yoga and ever so popular in the USA, Vinyasa also has many elements you may find in styles such as Ashtanga or Power Yoga. Vinyasa will always include sun salutations, but also it allows room for variety with sometimes fast paced pose to pose and an intense workout.

Information about Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training programs are normally 200 or 500 hour long programs, which could potentially be a month long! There are many different offerings all over the world and brought together by many different yoga studios and companies, with some amazing names in the industry. A 200 hour program will allow you to begin teaching yoga all over the world, but others even attend the trainings in order to deepen their own practice. Whether or not teaching is for you or you wish to share your learnings with others, a Vinyasa Teacher Training is still a great way to challenge your own practice.

Information about Vinyasa Yoga Retreats

Vinyasa Yoga retreats can be found throughout many countries such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, Costa Rica and many others worldwide. The retreats are often combined with other styles of yoga during the program even if the focus is on a Vinyasa flow. Although there are Vinyasa classes for beginners, it is recommended to have some non-flow yoga experience prior to delving into a Vinyasa class or retreat. The poses often flow from one to the next quickly which can make it more difficult for someone who is new to yoga. One of the great things about retreats, however, is the fact that they will often include warm-up styles of yoga so that you can better prepare yourself for the more advanced classes.

It is quite evident that a yoga retreat, in general, provides a holiday to those in need of relaxation and a place to re-center one’s mind, body, and soul. Retreats that have a primary focus on Vinyasa however also offer both mental and physical benefits since Vinyasa helps to burn calories, re-energizes the body, and includes breathing techniques that relax the mind. If you are in search of an intense, but rewarding experience then a retreat with Vinyasa classes incorporated may be just what you need.