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Tag: vipassana

book yoga classes, yoga retreats and teacher trainings

How I Survived a 10 Day Meditation Retreat In Vipassana

A Vipassana meditation course is a very intense experience. It combines self-knowledge, mastery of the mind, and a deep travel into yourself to meet both your discomforts and your happiness. It is what I lived, as I attended two 10-days silent retreats, from which I try to give you some insights. Your experience of Vipassana Retreat [...]
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book yoga classes, yoga retreats and teacher trainings

Vipassana, “a universal technique to eradicate your sufferings”

Whether you are Christian, Muslim, atheist / agnostic, Hindu, or any other confession, Vipassana will suit you. There is nothing to do with religion here, except if you think that religion must be about spirituality first. It is all about spirituality, mind health, and happiness. That’s what seduced me, when I decided – in a [...]
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