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Taste the culture through sweet, little bananas in Aourir

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Taste the culture through sweet, little bananas in Aourir

Aourir is known as a rural community about 15 kilometers outside of Agadir, Morocco. This is endearingly known as the village where sweet little bananas are best, as they grow on the fertile ground alongside the river. You can literally buy a kilo of these sweet babies with only 10 dirhams.

Wednesday is known as souk day, when the moving market comes to town. One can buy organic vegetables and fruits, secondhand clothes, kitchen appliances, fresh argon oil, and tasty olive oil. If you want to experience a lively, breathing marketplace in the truest Northern African style, it is worth a visit.

Remember that this is a village town, so virtually no English is spoken. Knowing a couple of phrases in French, Arabic, or Berber will be in your best interest to ensure adequate communication and comfortability.



Moroccan Arabic, French, and Berber

Moroccan Dirhams

Important dates in Aourir

  • June 26 – End of Ramadan
  • July 30 – Feast of the Throne
  • September 21 – Islamic New Year
  • November 18 – Independence Day
For a full list of Moroccan holidays that are traditionally celebrated in Aourir, follow here.

Good to know

90 day Visitor Access (no visa required) for the following: Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, UK, USA.

Citizens of nations not listed above require a visa. Please check with your relevant embassy for up to date info.

Culture and Etiquette in Aourir

A nation unique to the rest of Africa, its identity, lifestyle and culture is a mixture of all the visitors from years gone by. From the nomadic desert wanderers, the traditional Berbers, Arabic influence, Portuguese architecture, and more recently the French. It is rare to come across a Moroccan that does not speak three languages or more, fluently! They are the true polyglots. Visiting Aourir, you will want to know a couple of phrases in French, Arabic, or Berber, as English and Spanish are not spoken as much here as it is in other regions of the nation.

Morocco is considered a conservative, yet progressive nation. Aourir is still a small, rural village town that observes tradition. If you are traveling in or through this gorgeous, tiny town, it will be most appreciated by residents if you are conscious of their customs. For women, that might mean wearing a headscarf and dressing more modestly than you might in Casablanca, a metropolitan city. Residents may appear curious at first but most are accustomed to visitors and generally very welcoming.

Morocco is an exquisite visual feast for many foreigners and in the modern world we tend to take photos to document anything and everything. Be respectful and try to refrain from doing so as it is considered impolite to take photos of residents going about their daily business.

Traditional Moroccans are private and some even superstitious about photos being taken by strangers, understandably so. How would you feel if hundreds of people came to your backyard everyday and filmed or photographed you and your family living in normalcy? Seems quite stalker-ish. However, should you ask politely prior to taking a photo of someone, there is a good chance it will be met with delight and enthusiasm. So the key here: use your good judgement and communicative skills prior to photographing.

Overall, you won’t have trouble photographing for personal use; after all, the country is one of the most colorful, photogenic in the world!

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