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The Art of Giving & the Gift of Receiving

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The Art of Giving & the Gift of Receiving

It can be hard in our modern society. People concentrate on their life, their family, maybe some very good friends… and for sure somehow they are right, it’s hard to give to all of the world.

Learning to give

Have you ever given to someone you don’t know ? Like giving a smile and receiving one in return. What did you feel at this moment ? Pretty nice huh? If you haven’t tried it, give it a go. It’s a way to start to learn the art of giving.

Give something you like to someone who would be very happy to receive it…and one day, somebody will give you something you need. This is call ‘Karma’. What is Karma ??? Good question…..Karma is a Sanskrit word for ‘action’ or ‘deed’. Whilst the concept of Karma comes from Hindu and Buddhist foundations, it doesn’t necessary have any relationship with a ‘God’ who imposes good or evil on a person or thing as a system of punishment or reward. Rather it is a universal concept, used by many people from many different religions and societies as a general ‘law of life’.

Simply put, Karma revolves around a system of cause and effect, action and reaction, in which one’s deeds or actions have corresponding effects on the future. If you live life with good intentions and do good by other living things, you will receive good fortune. It may be in the present moment (the now!), later in life or in your future lives (there is not concept of time when it comes to Karma and life).

It is important in life that we take a universal approach to giving. Move away from the concept that giving is always a question of material things. Giving love, giving time, giving forgiveness and giving caringness can sometimes be even harder than the simple gesture of giving money.

With this, we can start to understand the concept of true altruism. Where we selflessly give without an expectation to receive. But yet feel the karmic balance; the yin and the yang, in the art of giving and the beautiful feelings we receive from within ourselves from that act- this is a true gift on its own!

Learning to receive

Some people have the reverse problem; they can’t stop giving, but they absolutely don’t know how to receive. Strange?! Maybe to some but not to others – perhaps you are like that.

We live in a society where we give, just to give. Perhaps we need to change the way we give… but also change the way that we receive. For some, maybe we need to work on the art of receiving.

Not expecting or looking for anything, or thinking what you can do to give back. Rather, just be grateful and receive gracefully. You can receive however you feel most comfortable, in whatever language or with whichever customary gesture. But, do so knowing that life is long…it didn’t start with this lifetime and it wont end with this lifetime – don’t give back to learn that the person who is giving is not a reverse mechanism.

Yes, because in some lifetimes, we receive to give better. Whether it be today, tomorrow or in our next lifetime. And, always remember, we receive life first. Then, we give life to a child and so the process starts by receiving, not by giving.

The yin and yang of life teaches us that opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnect and interdependent and this is where giving becomes creative, fun and inspiring.


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