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The Bach Flower Remedies

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The Bach Flower Remedies

In 1920s and 1930s Doctor Edward Bach began investigating the effects of various plants upon the human body and the human emotions. He tested thousands of different plants before he settled upon the final choice of just 38 remedies. At the time, this was ground-breaking medicine. But these days you will find flower essences being made by different organisations in many countries.

The Bach Flower Remedies are famous around the world. The Bach Flower Centre is in England and is the place where Dr Bach actually lived. He used local plants for his remedies when possible. The Bach Flower Centre is still in the same place and is dedicated to teaching about the plants and how they are used. It is possible to train to find out how to make your own essences, and to use the ready-made essences too. Visitors are welcome to explore the garden and see many of the remedy plants growing wild there.

The remedies are made by picking the flowers of the plant and placing them in a bowl of pure water and then leaving it in direct sunlight for 3 hours (no mean feat in the UK, as it is not the sunniest country in the world!). The water is then strained and is mixed with equal parts of brandy to preserve the mixture. This is called a Mother tincture. It is then further diluted and sold in the form that you will find in the shops.

Perhaps the most famous of the remedies is The Bach Flower Rescue Remedy. It comes in liquid form and a liquid spray, lozenges, and even hand cream. It is for use in emergencies – times of physical and/or emotional stress. It can be taken neat in the mouth or mixed with water and drunk. The hand cream is mild enough to be used anywhere on the body.

The Rescue Remedy has 5 flower remedies in it. Each offers a special support that when they are put in this combination, they help the person to calm down quickly and balance their emotional energies:

  • Rock Rose: Terror and fright
  • Star of Bethlehem:  Shock
  • Clematis: Dreaming of the future and not working now
  • Cherry Plum: Fear of your mind giving way
  • Impatiens: Impatience

The remaining 38 remedies come only in liquid form sold individually in their own bottles, although these days there are many companies that will make and sell blends for different purposes. If you buy your own individual essences you can then add the drops to water and create your own blend of essences.

Here are some more essences and what the emotional states that they commonly help with:

  • Holly: Hatred, envy, jealousy
  • Gorse: Hopelessness and despair
  • Agrimony: Mental torture behind a happy face
  • Larch: Lack of confidence
  • Mimulus: Fear of known things, such as flying or spiders

There are many qualified Bach Flower Remedy practitioners around the world. Go to this link to look at the official register of practitioners trained by the Bach Centre in England: http://www.bachcentre.com/other/dist.php

Visit www.BachCentre. Com and explore the wonderful world of flower remedies. There are fascinating stories about people’s experiences using the remedies here: http://www.bachcentre.com/centre/cases.htm

If you are intrigued by what you read, why not give them a try? There are no known side- effects, the essences are very mild but effective. If you don’t like alcohol or your religion or health deters the use of alcohol these remedies are available also in non-alcoholic form where the brandy is replaced by a mix of glycerine and order. These non-alcoholic essences are more expensive as they are made less frequently. They are available for purchase by mail order on the Bach Centre website.

To purchase your own essences or learn more about these remedies, go to:  www.BachCentre.com

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