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The Best Gifts Ideas for the Yogi in Your Life (Part one)

The Best Gifts Ideas for the Yogi in Your Life (Part one)

Choosing a unique gift for yogis is a notoriously difficult process. So, if you’re looking for something other than Lululemon yoga pants or gift cards and want to gift something a bit more thoughtful, we make choosing the right gift for the yogi in your life easy with our list of the 2019 Top Gift Ideas for Yogis at home, the yogi on the move, the nomadic yogi and the yoga teachers in your life!

Gifts for a Yoga Lover’s Home: Essential Oils, Handmade Blankets, De-stress Tea Blends and more…

Aromatherapy is a yoga lover’s best friend. We sorted through endless products to find the best essential oil diffuser to use at home and finally decided on the ArtNaturals Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier. It has the right combination of features like whisper quiet misting, BPA free construction, Bluetooth capabilities, LED lights, safety shut off features and it’s also a humidifier! Perfect for a seamless meditation assisted by aromatherapy, to add romance to the atmosphere of any room or to help kids fall asleep easier at night.


What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in the form of diffusion, as massage oil, as incense or in a bath to increase ones health and wellbeing. You can use a variety of natural essential oils to increase relaxation, mental clarity, to balance hormones and decrease anxiety or depression! The more pure the essential oil, the stronger the impact.

Lavender, chamomile and frankincense are usually considered to be the best essential oils for sleep and relaxation and you can read more on the types of essential oils and their benefits here.

What Other Health Benefits Do Oils Have?

Aside from aromatherapy, we love to use natural oils to nourish the skin, enhancing it’s health, glow and vitality. In a unanimous vote, we all agreed that Rosehip Oil is the best oil for the skin. Rosehip Oil is packed with Vitamins A & C and is the best oil to treat dry skin. It is also full of essential fatty acids to improve the brightness and fullness of skin. We found an Rosehip Oil blend that’s ethically made in the UK, something every yogi looks for when buying any product!

Check out the Aphrodite Facial Oil from The Keep.

More Wellness Gift Ideas For The Home

Tea is not just for drinking when it’s cold outside or for a caffeine boost! A good tea blend can boost the health of skin and hair, you can find tea to help with daily de-stressing and there is even tea to help with weight loss!

According to Teasäne, the best tea blend for weight loss consists of dandelion, fennel, flaxseed and more and the herbal blend in their “Beautiful” tea for healthy skin consists of nettle, horsetail, alfalfa and plantain!

To have a closer look at all they have to offer (they have a lot of tea), check out the Teasäne website here. Thank the gods and goddesses for herbalists!

The Best Yoga Blanket. Ever!

Yes, we have special blankets just for yoga! Why do we need blankets in yoga, you may ask? Despite what most believe, sometimes yoga is gentle and by the end of the practice when we’re lying down in Sivasana, our limbs get a little chilly! The yoga blanket is perfect for covering up and versatile enough to use as knee padding for those who need a little extra cushion.

As Om Yoga is based in Morocco, the first concept that comes to mind when thinking of the best yoga blanket possible is a quality Moroccan Throw. Not only are they wonderfully cosy, they are also as an off the mat throw. For an at-home yoga practice, grabbing the closest blanket available is usually modus operandi and the yogi in your life would be ecstatic to receive something that’s beautiful enough to rest on their sofa while not in use on the mat!

Click here to have a closer look at Abury’s and One of a Mind’s Moroccan Throw, the perfect yoga gift!

Maybe you’re looking for the perfect yoga mat. You might find yourself pondering “What Makes a Perfect Yoga Mat?” Find some great answers and tips in this My Five Acres article which covers mats for everyone including surfers, beginner yogis, yoga travellers and more! We personally love the design of this mat from Yoga Design Lab: Just in case nothing from the above list made your cut, we’re throwing one more fabulous gift for the yoga lover’s home.

The details on this Mandala Plate are captivating enough to meditate on for hours. Alright we might be exaggerating a little but the gorgeous options are endless! If you want to see more elegant handpainted plates by El Deko’s Elena Morgun! Happy shopping!

Great Gifts for a Yogi on the Go

You know this type, the high energy yogi or yogini who does not slow down. They are probably vegan, possibly raw vegan, and you wonder how they do it. Do they even have time to prepare their meals? Is that why they have so little body fat? My goodness, I better feed tham! Want in on a secret? Yogis love to eat. Organic food and snacks delivery services exist & foodie yoga lovers cherish these delivery services. What better gift to show you care for their happiness and well being than a delicious food delivery subscription? The way to yogis heart isn’t only through rose quartz crystals or chest opening back bends, but sometimes through their stomachs just like everyone else.

The Goodness Project has so many delicious options to choose from! If you’re looking for a fabulous one off gift idea, this Organic Vegan Wine Gift Hamper made it to their Top Ten Vegan Gift Ideas List in 2018 but we think it’s a great idea pretty much anytime! You can find more subscriptions and tons of organic goodness, just click around their site for inspiration!

Did someone say foodie? Oh right, that was us. How does the most delectable vegan (as long as you don’t count the raw honey) Rose and Cardamom Infusion chocolates sound? Is your mouth watering? Ours are. Elements Truffles specialise in Ayurvedic Dessert concoctions any yogi will love! This particular chocolate bar is packed with essential vitamins and minerals plus it helps balance all three doshas. Not sure what kapha, vatta and pitta are? Don’t worry, this is a yogis native language and they will be forever grateful!

More gift ideas in the second part next week…


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