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The best information about Nicaragua

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The best information about Nicaragua

Being the largest country in Central America, Nicaragua has many sights and sounds for any type of traveller. Bordered by Honduras, the Caribbean and Costa Rica, the country is populated by six million inhabitants with many different backgrounds such as: European, Asian, African and Indigenous heritage. The mix in culture traditions has allows Nicaragua to evolve into an extremely diverse civilization. This can been seen in the traditional cuisine, music, literature and folklore.


North America


Nicaraguan córdoba

Important dates in Nicaragua

January 1 – New Year’s Day

February 1 – Air Force Day

April 13 – Holy Thursday

May 1 – Labour Day

May 27 – Army Day

July 19 – Liberation Day

July 25 – Fiesta De Santiago

July 26 – Fiesta De Santa Ana

Aug 1 – Fiesta De Santo Domingo

September 15 – Independence Day

October 12 – Indigenous Resistance Day

December 7/8 – Immaculate Conception Day

December 25 – Christmas

Interesting facts

  • The oldest city in Central America remains in ruins within the Nicaragua borders
  • The well known volcano, Dual Volcano, resides within Nicaragua
  • The city itself is over 1500 years old

Good to know

  • Nicaragua contains a large surf culture. Many tourists come to catch a wave or chill on the beach
  • It is best to learn some Spanish keywords or phrases before arriving in the country. Not only is it more respectful towards Nicaraguans, it will also make travels much easier and less stressful.
  • Taxis and buses are very well priced in the country, making it easy for tourists to get around within cities.

Culture and Etiquette in Nicaragua

As far as crime goes in Nicaragua, it is one of the safest countries within Central America. It is always respectful to dress moderately conservative whenever travelling, especially if tourists are wishing to avoid any unwanted attention.

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