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The Netherlands, Land of the Yummies

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The Netherlands, Land of the Yummies

Vegetarians and Vegans beware. The Netherlands has plenty of delicious, stomach filling, yummy bites, but most contain some kind of meat or dairy product (or both!). With the large, flat, expanse lands of the Dutch landscape, the Netherlands excels in farm-raised, open- range animals… and you can taste the difference! With a brilliant selection of cheese and other meat products, the Netherlands’ top foods include those with ham, fish (because of their proximity to the water), or cheese. There are a few sweet treats that may be vegan (…definitely vegetarian!), but we suggest either changing your diet a little when you visit here, or checking ingredients thoroughly before indulging.

Whoop whoop for Stroop-wafels! 

We’re gonna start off this list with dessert because hey, we’re all adults here and we can do that. Stroopwafels are a hot and gooey Dutch treat– two hot, thin waffles pressed together with a gooey syrupy middle. Though you can buy these in the store, they are best enjoyed piping hot, served up fresh from a street vendor or found in a market. Go on, indulge a little, they’re worth it!

Fries from the Gods

When you order fries in the Netherlands from a street restaurant or street vendor, don’t expect no shoestring flimsy potato fry. The Netherlands knows fried foods, and french fries are no exception! Large and meaty, these fries are golden perfection in a cup. Often covered in a mix of curry ketchup, onions, or even peanut satay sauce, these fries are something else… delicious!

Raw Herring– just try it once, we promise! 

Maybe it’s not the prettiest food you could order, but raw herring, served with a side of pickles and some chopped raw onions, are a true Netherlands snack. Typical and easy to find virtually anywhere in the city, this delicacy may make travelers feel a little squeamish, but hey, every country has it’s own odd-looking local food. Just try it once, we promise!

Vending Machine Croquettes 

Alright, we warned you at the beginning of this article, that if you’re not a meat- eater, the Netherlands local foods may be a little difficult to stomach… and these croquettes are no exception. Worth trying, just for the novelty of it, these little croquettes filled with meat, fish, or cheese, are found in a popular fast- food joint called FEBO. Walk up, put some coins in, and the window slides open for you to grab your little croquette of choice… no personal interaction needed!

Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. That is all. 

Amsterdam and other Netherland cities are dotted with them. From the high- end commercial type, to the sidewalk street offering tourists with samples and free tastes, cheese shops are found everywhere. The Dutch like their cheese, and we don’t blame them! With its large, open fields, the Netherlands are perfect for raising happy little animals, happy to give their milk up to make delicious delicous cheese for us. The most popular cheese types here are Gouda, Geitenkaas or Maasdammer. Still not satisfied with the cheese from street shops? There are plenty of cheese tasting rooms, and even a cheese museum for you to tour if you (or your stomach) fancy it!

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